mamak Rich

Ever since that fateful day when he single handedly dethroned the unsinkable Chinaman Chow Yeang off the building of the same name in SS2 Petaling Jaya and carved it into the form of the Wooden ( Kayu ) Icon , there has been no turning back for this 24 hour Maharajah wannaB.

One time ( what the nerve ! ) he almost took on the Genting Highlands Supremo up in the clouds, until something din happen.

Anyway he slyly positions himself strategic , always near the happening places with the happening crowds , like near the Curve and besideTesco Damansara Perdana, PJ for instance.

The discerning ( but greatly puzzling ) crowds seem to love him , even if they hated him (?)

Why , he has the enviable knack of transforming humble poor man's dishes into Gold , like this economy rice now become Golden Nasi Kandar.

We like to call it Nasi Mamak Royale

...coz its only RM7.60 for 2 wet scrawny lady's fingers + half a soggy egg plant ( raised from a browny pot of oily spicy broth) , a spoonful of cucumber carroty pineapplely acar-acar AND a baby-sized slippery curried squid with whiskers , + 3 to 4 Xtra quick & wavy sprinklings of different coloured oils , all sitting on top of
... 1/2 a plate ( or 7.6 table-spoonfuls of white rice )

Some say his kind of spread ( like the one above) is gorgeously to-die-4 delicious ( haha ! omg) , what about you ?


Anonymous said…
I say it is a rip off. His prices are incredibly inconsistent between Malays and Chinese. Don't believe me? Try asking a Malay chum to order the same thing as you, but different days of course.
HairyBerry said…
mamak royale indeed...woah,
RM7.60! Ronald McDonald is smiling...sigh...
ling239 said…
waisai!!! super expensive.....
at first i tot this is the wife of Pappa Rich ~ :p

no wonder McD is gaining more business...^_^
minchow said…
Nasi kandar is no longer the modest meal for the masses! I've not been able to keep nasi kandar meal below RM8 anywhere I go. And it's all essentially just rice and gravy!
anon 6.18 pm
tks for your give it to him comments ! we have ourselves tried to ask for a recount sometimes where the results well expectedly different. Their prices can be comparatively 4X that of Chinese economy rice and 2X that of Malay nasi campur...
we will do as you suggest the nex time we are there ! we are disappointed that there are so many unsuspecting customers /first timers

somebody shud really give it to this kind of profiteers , sad thing is many of maligned ones are blindly supporting him

haha very funny. dun rich ppl all behave sinisterly the same ?
tks for dropping by , our lines just crossed a minute ago ! Maybe we shud avoid unreasonably dubious inconsistent eateries once and for all ? Many high end Mamaks are sadly guilty of that with their lightning scan eyes, biased always upwards. Ask for an itemised recount nex time like how much is one cucumber , one ladies fingers etc... you will be shocked
J2Kfm said…
wah ...RM7.60??!!

what if got chicken and fish? like fine dining prices liao.

in Pg still not that bad I think.
but the last time I went was 2 yrs ago. so cant say much ...
choi yen said…
Have mixed rice at mamak always pricey than the Chinese zap fan :(
worldwindows said…
Prefer chap fan for the wide range of dishes and more agreeable to tummy and now wallet. Every meal costs me RM7.50. One meat and vege plus teh ais. I notice my regular joint recycles leftover tandoori chicken into rendang. The squid and prawns are not fresh all the time, so I always go for chicken. Boring eating chicken all the time. But they are everywhere, convenient!
wahlau eh..looks like the order to drop prices hasnt really shown..
Anonymous said…
It's funny that you mentioned the Curve outlet cos I always head for the McD's there instead. At least I know the prices ahead of time... :P