Mak's Place

the Hawkerant
corner shoplot
near the Giant Hypermarket
Seri Manjung

the beginning of a new eating trend ?

plse click image to see his handsome face

When the South comes up North ( last ? )
and the hawker becomes a restaurant ,
& Chinese cooking becomes acceptable to Muslims...

...a new concept perfected in Changi Singapore
is now reborn in da big kampung
cool air cond inside , breezy alfresco outside ,
with free cutting edge wi-fi
amongst many green is in ! staff

cliff hanging prices in between the local hawkers and the Chinaman 飯 店 (rice shops)
averaging around RM4 ( its a lucky number) for a single 1 person noodle / rice dish

A Chinese styled Chinese مسلمة Muslim eatery,
ala carte including seafood

BSG first impressions :
decent service , fairly wide family menu
average food , delightful pricing


worldwindows said…
It would be bliss to have KL's pay and Sitiawan's prices!
Ciki said…
good food and affordable pricing is always a must! thanks for the tip on this place:)
Anonymous said…
Colour me clueless. Where on earth is Seri Manjung?
Anonymous said…
Sure or not from bottoms up ! and sitting in some wified area alfresco style.
HairyBerry said…
4 is indeed a lucky number for it is rare these days. and it is smaller than 8. yeah, the changi concept really took off. i sense it's presence at the pavilion.
hmmm indeed everything is being catered for everything!
tigerfish said…
Only lucky for 2 pple lah...cos will be RM8! Fatt fatt!
world windows
which reminded us of Singapore-JB, Bandar Seri Begawan-Miri !

cumi ciki
it would be just great & fun for you here_ we have the 1000 feet hill, the 1000 feet wide Dindings river , the 1000 feet deep Pangkor Bay, da 1000 kampung dishes ...
& 4 happy BSGs

1/2 way to Paradise

sure one , all got

pavilion is great and crafted immaculately to da City

its casual all da way

for more than 2 coz after that can go your favourite fish farm nearby !
Anonymous said…
Hahaha, I love your answer: "1/2 way to Paradise"

Must head to Paradise one day. ;)
it very near actually , like 3 hours
shorter than it takes to have a buffet in da Hotel
ling239 said…
just like the Muhibah in TTDI ? :p
Anonymous said…
love the butter fried squid....BEST!!......mmmmmm......drooling just thinking about it.
Anonymous said…
The beef fried rice ...yumyum... beef so succulent and tender. So surprised to find such a clean (hardly a housefly) & hygienic place to enjoy value-for-money food in Setiawan. Die, Die, Must Try.
we haven't try this one yet !

butter fried we also haven't try , tks for recommending

spore foodie
tks for visiting, yes they are quite special in Sitiawan, hopefully they can do well here as is their spore branch !