the junior's back !

time to get reacquainted

plse click on pix to see genuine size, best held with 2 adult hands

older , really generous & messier

we like him

carls jr
beside GSCinema ( quantum of solace , now showing)
mid valley megamall Kuala Lumpur


tigerfish said…
You went to junior to eat fish burger? Har?
ling239 said…
so they are now in megamall too ~ ^_^
Anonymous said…
Love that wish upon a Star Carl's...Senior?
Simon Seow said…
Need to be messy when you're at Carl's Jr.
we love fish ( with strips ), yes we do

we were impressed with the taste and size

quite decent and young crowds , wishing couples

thats right , all that sleaze !
Ciki said…
delicious but expensive right? you don't find the burgers too small kah?
minchow said…
Messier is about right! I can no longer fit the height of the Santa Fe sandwich into my mouth... have to eat it deconstructed. Just so wrong!
cumi ciki
the burgers are nice , small ?
thoz they are oversized ?
haha its all relative dear

perhaps its meant to be thrusted in quick , but have no fear the coke is free flowing