Joe Average's team mamak

Malaysian standard
1 teh tarik ( large ) , nasi lemak , telur stengah masak dua , RM3.60
waiting time zero ...over the top service
operating hours sleepless
world class Malaysian hygiene
opposite Amway Malaysia HQ , PJ
teh tarik, nasi lemak, bihun , RM3
7am till 1 am
Uptown DU, PJ food court
( aka most stupidly designed "modern" multi million dollar
food court in Kelang Valley )

and...the ones to beat


wmw said…
One can always count on good ol' stuff like this. Joe Average? You're not pro McCain are you? You know with Joe The Plumber and all! Hahaha...
Ciki said…
so fast?!! wa.. nothing average about the speed.. haha..
ling239 said…
hmm... i had totally forgotten abt the foodcourt at uptown until now...>.<"
joe the team bsg is alive n kicking but not too happy with the up in prices here and there

pay money also come within 10 secs

this place got the many beauticians got raped one you know , very dark