gold mine in the State

While not exactly a State , it nevertheless was so premier that it almost felt like one . Those days it housed such mavericks aka Black Sugar ( who can forget ! ) , the Unforgettable , Dreamland , the Submarine , Coolers Bar and El Etc... where Sri Melaka first nyonyaed & Blooming Flowers first bloomed wildly.

In fact this was where the sunken & sinking white elephant Menara PJ is and where PJ's one time most famous Hawker Square was situated, before it was rudely knocked off by that White Jutting Ugly Monster.

then this celestial Gold Mine... glowing in the dark , richly and orgasmically raped in between the HSBC and CIMB in PJ State.

A cool few RMmillions in the making still not letting go " why , I can still go much higher "

anyways it continues to serve this delicious colored rice with the fatty meats and squids to full houses each day as it rakes in more ...while it vulturally eyes yet another disparaged Big Building nearby err ... another State Cinema , maybe ...?

Penang Nasi Kandar
( Lotus Group)
PJ State


Ciki said…
we love the corner shop duck at PJ state too:D
we saw you there the other day ( cannot miss one )