famous Indian bread almost perfectly grilled

by a Malay man ( still haven't come across a lady yet )

in a Chinese coffee shop
at a small town near

the backlane
enjoyed with a cup of black coffee , 1 bowl of laksa & 2 half cooked eggs
served by a nice Indonesian (petite) lady


and lastly, the price

90 sen (satu roti canai ) + 1 ringgit (satu kopi) + 2 ringgit (satu laksa)

tambah 2 telur , cepat sikit ( RM1 )

semuanya RM4.90 (ok)
authenticity , ambience and good service guaranteed (oymb)

a jolly good breakfast for 1 !


J2Kfm said…
no address nor state?
hmm ... that's kinda vague.
tigerfish said…
where's the gravy for the roti canai? ;p
Anonymous said…
Love the shot of the man flipping the roti canai... and the end result looks so crispy! :D
minchow said…
Marvellously muhibbah!! :-) Love the pictures!
pusat makanan ang hwa, near Kg Koh market , off simpang dua road , Sitiawan. where chinese , indians , burmese , indonesians and malays mingle freely . The roti canai fella is the 2nd outlet of the famous Kg Sitiawan malay roti canai shop where one bsg declares is the best roti canai in da country !

gravy oredi finis before could take pixs OMG !

roti canai is not only an Indian domain we tell ya ! In Besut ( Trengannu ) we have come across a Malay stall that concorts perfect roti canai , better then your usual teh tarik shop ! Malaysian cuisine is so dynamic if you travel wide enough , deep enough

Tks and remember to eat your way through , rain shine , flies or not !
Anonymous said…
We realised that they sell one of the cheapest noodles in Sitiawan , if not Malaysia ! at RM2 a bowl its a bargain alright ! No wonder they are packed most mornings
Anonymous said…
Hi toni, long time no see.

You better drop by Ayer Tawar next , toddy's lined up already.

Anonymous said…
完美 ! so cheap !
another glutton
Jason Wong said…
Brother, The roti canai a bit expensive leh! Here in Penang only 80cents.
my lumut
indeed , the morning crowd smelt a bargain when they see one. doing any posts on Senangin beach ?

tks, but time is tight . thoz you guys given up on those milky drinks?

another glutton
actually cheap stuff are there for you to find ! tks for visiting bsg

jason wong
tks for your comments .price is something very tricky , as for eg the actual size , weight , ingredients , freshness and type of curry gravies provided !
but yes you are right , there are some roti canai going for less than 90 sen as you have mentioned ( for Penang)
Ciki said…
4.90! a jolly good breakfast indeed!
the magic of the kampung
when ya joggin here ?
choi yen said…
Laksa cost RM2.00 only!!!
u better come kwik lah !