beh pai la

Everything is right !

Fast service ( under 2 minutes from order )
No frills
can come in slippers + shorts
looking good
quite delicious
can chit chat with boss in Hokkian p00n
price oso OK ( I think )

everyday except Monday
12pm to 4pm
Penang hare mee RM4
( yellow noodles in prawny broth + eng chai + tau geh + fried onions + chili paste )

ya , everything right ...Xcept the stench ( if you can take it )

Small Van
SeaPark Petaling Jaya
beside wet market


Tummythoz said…
Definitely one of the real Pg Hokkien Mee around. Asam Laksa is good too.
ling239 said…
the one selling assam laksa too ?
next time do try the coffee shop opposite! the braised pork is really good, either with rice or porridge ^_^
Anonymous said…
the portion looks small with half noodles swimming in that plate of gravy leh....
choi yen said…
Is it the famous asam laksa near Maybank? *not sure, never been b4 but heard a lot about it*
one of our easy favorites

yes the laksa man.woman . thank you dear for the tip

it wasn't long ago when he was selling for RM2.80

yes it is. one of the top 3 in PJ