( Zheng ) He lives !

Does the past fascinate you ? Do you like to travel back into time ? How about dates , & numbers , are they important to you ?

Some of you may consider these insignificant trivia , what with the heart throbbing Crash ! in the current financial markets , the imminent economic collapse of the US of A , and the laughable local political C. o. m. e. d. y , which seems to be mired in an endless pit ...

...916 ( aha another mysterious figure to figure out ) having come, and gone ...
and now Mr Anwar says ' trust me , it shall be 812 '...
Never mind , now from the incredible 600 year old past ( who says it isn't interesting ? ) China's ( and possibly the world's ) greatest seafarer and trailblazer Xtraordinaire now blazes right into Seri Manjung , Perak !

Ever since he first landed in Malacca in 1409 ( now you know ) as part 3 of 7 unbelievable voyages , some ( like Gavin Menzies " 1421 : the year China discovered the World " )
say the 8 of which he was ahead of Spaniard ( others say Portugese ) Christopher Columbus by at least 70 ! years in discovering America !

Pop into the present 2008 here . The remarkable Zheng He is creating tsunamic waves in the local multi-racial gastronomic scene .

Booked for this dinner and that function ever since it opened its doors 2 weeks ago . Customers without prior reservations being politely turned away , to come back another day.
Interesting & refreshing halal Chinese Islamic and Thai seafood menu ( so get your tastebuds ready for tantalising plain , mild , hot , hotter , burning & exposive spicy sensations... !) , with 3 special set packages ( RM59 for 3-4 persons , RM89 for 4 - 6 persons and RM159 for 7 - 10 persons with unlimited rice and Chinese tea ) for those not so enamored with the fine art of ala carte menu drooling .

Located in 2 adjoining lots among the the new row of shops beside UMW HQ , Seri Manjung , Perak with cooks specially brought in from Kelantan under the management of an energetic & entrepreneurial Malay family.

team BSG ( Sitiawan )'s verdict :
spacious & comfortable , with soft international pop hits
good choice of contemporary Chinese/Thai seafood favourites
setting a new standard for the local culinary scene
competitive pricing

a new ( 'future' historical ) landmark for Sitiawan/Manjung area

Don't we just love numbers...

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J2Kfm said…
hope its nothing like Ipoh's Laksamana Cheng Ho. grand ambience, perfect blend of Chinese, Muslim and Thai food.
but none performed well.
Anonymous said…
Longest blog todate I have read...cos u are talking since 1400+ haheha. Spot UMW, once I worked in this coy but again it is history.
worldwindows said…
My favorite sleepy town (launching pad to Pangkor) during my teenage years has awakened! Have not been there for ages. Love the Khoo Mini Huts! On another note, I visited Nyonya Colors (http://klchin.blogspot.com/2008/10/nyonya-colors.html) at your suggestion. Wonderful!
Anonymous said…
This place we understand has something to do with some national celebrity singers , including certain VIPs . It having a great response each night ever since it opened after the Raya holidays
Anonymous said…
haha , must pay a visit to this area soon ! But malay restaurant with chinese name ? interesting !
many restaurants seem to perform well at first , then later failed !
this is probably due to new customers testing the waters ? we shall keep this theory in view !

history is great if we remember...

nyonya colors really has got the colors allright !

the boss did say even the MB of kelantan has been here , so must be a celebrities/vip hangout

tks for visiting bsg . The cooks are said to be trained in Chinese cooking styles and we were told there is one more restaurant with the same name in ampang KL
Anonymous said…
I like that concept - 'future' historical - macam back to the past/future, hehe.
HairyBerry said…
a truely iconic navigator that needed no GPS. and restaurants bearing the talented, walking GPS should live up to it's heroic taste. and they said history was boring. how wrong....
choi yen said…
I think I failed my History when secondary school, haha lol
wmw said…
An interesting restaurant in Seri Manjung! Thanks for the history lesson :o)
Ciki said…
looks like a fascinating place to visit.. wah.. didn't know you guys scored A1 for history ;D
ling239 said…
by reading the name for a moment i tot this is the chinese restaurant at the mines hotel... or i got something mixed up again ? XD
Tummythoz said…
The branch in Kl is at Wangsa Maju. Saw the roadside banners but still not keen to try. Hmm maybe will just drop by to observe whether crowd good or not. ;)
must be lots older than kopitiam 1920

we shall see whether it will still be around in the future

history teach you much about her stories

actually , we din think he was old, he din had time to stop

cumi ciki
we spent many times learning all da dates

ling 239
you could be right also since the name is not patented

ple do since we are curious whether the big armada is still there
Anonymous said…
I had diner at My Cheng Ho 1409, it's totally good taste and 1st in Manjung, chinese food owned by Malay.
But, after i had recieved info that previous manager had resigned from my cheng ho, the taste become 'swing'. Totally very bad. I don't know why? But my mind said not only the manager had resign, their previous 'master of chinese food (chef)' also resigned. Red Tomyam become Soup Ayam!! We're really frustated at last diner. Manjung still need the originality taste of chinese food but in HALAL and clean condition.
anon 9.34
thank you for your comments and for dropping by ! I have been told by the previous manager that he will be opening another restaurant in the Marina Cove (Teluk Batik)area sometime in March 09 and maybe you could wait for its new opening ! Normally good food in a restaurant depends a lot on the chef while service on the Manager, so its not surprising that the previopus high std has taken a serious dive