selera Melayu, masakan Melayu, hidangan Melayu

ikan bakar , tomyam , seafood , warung , asli , kampung ...jom sayang

If you come across any or all of the above names
anywhere in the country , prepare to feast like got no 2moro

classic normally flat like a sheet ssspringy "sambal sotong"
( rectangular , square , foldable or bushy cut
or uncut spicy cuttlefish / squids / octopus)

a bsg top 8 dish of all time !
the wonder daging rendang
( truly bone-less tender beef in gingerly lemongrassy spicy gravy + toasted coconuts )

and the unbeatable inimitable pungent sambal
( secret light brown to orangee to black Malay sauce )...

...put the international steakhouses and the wannaB mamak chilis to
shame and absolutely maluness ... respectively
the unbelievable ikan keli ( river/pond/paddy field black catfish )
brinjal and ulam ( fresh greener than green vegetable salads )

Makanan Melayu, a national institution

* this has been a bsg 2 minute quick free pictorial guide
to some local Malay Cuisine

( donations are not solicited tho a free makan would be most welcomed )


Christina Kim said…
Yayaya....I've always loved seafood....aiyooo, Melayu style somemore...spicy and exciting (even though I can't take a lot of spicy food, but I still love them:)
worldwindows said…
It is difficult to get good Malay good. The fresh herbs and spices are really incredible. But I guess the delivery of these dishes is difficult and not really money-making. I used to eat in Desa Melawati where they have quite a good Northern Malay/Thai restaurant. Incredible smells and tastes. The pics are great!
Anonymous said…
Just had Malay food from warung for lunch today, KILAT including that toasted coconut (serunding), sambal sotong (my fave), black inked squids plus sambal chilli.
J2Kfm said…
there's something ULTRA addictive about their sambal huh? every stall has its own concoction, its own followers, and its own detractors.

for ikan bakar, where to go?
Tasek Raban?
sc said…
hmmm, guess i'll never be enthusiastic on such malay food as my office is located at a very malay area and i have malay food every day :(
choi yen said…
I like Malay style curry :)
Tummythoz said…
M loving it but I just don't understand why their cooked mustard greens (choy-sum) usually bitter??
Ciki said…
spicy or not?? coz it ain't worth eatin... unless ur cryin.. boohoo.. heheh!
tigerfish said…
That lemongrassy beef....I feel like trying....
HairyBerry said…
a truly orgasmic experience one will never forget. the taste, the aroma, the colour. oh yes, the beautiful brown sugar colour that turns the buds on...everytime...
at the beaches especially , the seafood ikan bakar are fresh with variety ( eg near Malacca and Muar , quite famous also seberang perai , Pg). Their masam manis or 3 rasa is also quite impressive ! and their nasi campur spread in Kg Baru in KL are legendary

world windows
we will recommend you to take a walk to Kg Baru KL lunch time where some of the best nasi campur, nasi lemak and ikan bakar are found with super cheap prices.the humble ikan keli bakar is not to be missed, continue to see recommendations below

aha your immaculate tastes are quite like us ( hehe)

we don't know where tasik raban is ! but you can find good malay warungs anywhere . the next time you are in Telum Batik , Lumut try Silaturahim ( except fridays , very near naval base ) for one of the best Malay food in the country, including multicolor addictive sambals. It will open your eyes

perhaps you shud go Jln Bellamy KL ( near Istana ) evenings if you haven't been here

try Jaring in Sunway, PJ for the best Kelantanese styled nasi dagang nasi kerabu ,
our top vote for PJ

you sure ? maybe its the Samballled Effect !

you scared of the heat, no way !
but ice shall be on stby mode
just 4 U

Rasa Malaysia says its one of the top 3 Malay dishes , looks like you have to get it ready for us soon

brown is lusty sexily busty and smacking strong we tell ya ! as you have said it , let da tasty Bastard pay for it !