the noodles shop , Kg Koh

Its erstwhile cousin , the Kg Koh Chili Sauce has long gone National and can be found in many Chinese coffee shops from Johore Baru to Sg Petani.

Happily , this original of the authentic & traditional Fuzhou noodles can only be found in this part of the World !
Chinese noodles ( & wontons , a tiny meat-filled dumpling in square flat flour sheets ) have been around since a few thousand years BC but today you can still enjoy them like before in this small obscure corner beside the wet market Kg Koh , 1/2 a km towards Simpang Dua from the junction road directly facing the Maybank , Kg Koh.
Like this modern smart looking kid in front of the owner's busy son enjoying his bowl of the long strands, noodles are so popular here the notion that Chinamen are incorrigible "rice buckets" may not be true , after all !
The 2 top sellers , the Kum Puang ( dry dark sauced wonton noodles ) and loo mein ( clear noodles in a delicious gel-like potpourri of bamboo shoots , cuttlefish , cabbages , fungus & lard in a secret recipe from Fuzhou , ancient China ) . Each plate @ RM2.40

The best noodles shop in Kg Koh , Sitiawan


tigerfish said…
Is that mee pok or linguine ? :p
Unknown said…
Uncle, people call Setiawan as City 'A1' for a reason right? The food! haha..

I think you can get similar dish down south a bit. Yong Peng in Johor has a big population of foo chow people, and i have eaten something similar there. :-)
Christina Kim said…
A small little town but with BIG reputation for their local delights:)
That's Sitiawan:)
ling239 said…
RM2.40.... u can get a Coke at McD, not even a packet of fries....:p
Michelle said…
wantans are like my only source of eating if i'm off the carb list..
love all kinds..
your good food is so good.. but yet so far to get.. =(
neither , its the fuzhou -kg koh home made flat noodles
aka "pien neet mein"

you are a clever eater, indeed Yong Peng has similar products to Kg Koh. tho less famous than the City A1...
( home to 3 voracious team BSGs )

wish u were here...

thats the beauty of the countrysides

da wontons here is smoother than most so its a pretty good choice, also the dried versions of KL are excellent for Pub snacks
Unknown said…
but yong peng has no chilli sauce yet. haha...

yong peng has the delicious 'sai to' fishballs.

i suddenly miss eating the squarish 'hock chew piah'. so fragrant.

ah.. now i know why City A1 is always featured. LOL..
choi yen said…
I like dark dark colour noodles~~
HairyBerry said…
i thought yong peng is famous for their bittergourds?

yes, sometimes, the bucket of rice is too heavy for menkind...hence, the creation of the slurpy, long strands kind. and i'm one of them! :)
Precious Pea said…
The loo mein gravy looked a bit like hot and sour soup hor? So sedap looking!
you are familiar with Yong peng too ! great !

dark is strong , dark is sexy ...

we know of so many chinamen who after eating noodles , go to another shop to order rice

it is actually quite sedap
Ciki said…
you guys win hands down la.. have not been to Kg Koh, or eaten this noodle! looks damn SHIOK:D