Ipoh's famous curry mee

Curry mee is one of the favorite noodle dish of Malaysians , most having being acquainted with the infamous spicy hot hotter hottest wonder while young in school canteens. It is characterised by its distinctive bright orange color with a layer of shining oil floating on top. Some versions look grainy and whitish , which is due to the presence of coconut milk. As is usual , the Penang version leads the pack with price and originality(?).

And so the triangular soapy love affair continues , one of which is in Ipoh.

She ( or he ) is quite old young at 29 years .

But thoroughly modern , probably influenced strongly by the Hongkies of the X British Territories near China. where he ( or issit she ) has a few more errr lovers ( last we heard).

In fact so modern that the state of the art wireless instantaneous ordering , kitchening and billing System is in place.

So expect superduper fast service and ultrafast payment ( no less ).
Nice pictures of its signature dishes on the wall
( tho some of our esteemed Blogger friends could do so much better !)
we are quite sure of that

if you dun believe click image to see how oily it is

the numero uno , all in red ...yellow and orange. RM3.80

preliminary final verdict :
its fair as Ipoh is , minus the cockles and chicken meat
...& we still can't shake off the stinking aroma and deep fragrance of Penang & Kl

ipoh sun seng fatt
curry house ( main )
curry paste supplies
32 , Jalan Market
30000 ipoh
yeap 016 5615176


J2Kfm said…
hmm, over-rated at best.
and they even 'export' the paste to HK and wherever else.
oily, and not as tasty as Nam Chau opposite. :)
err no cockles? so health conscious?
Tummythoz said…
They did try to branch out to PJ but only lasted a few months.
I'm strictly a Pg curry noodle fan with coagulated blood slices. =D
Jason said…
Just slightly above average.
HairyBerry said…
red is hot. red is exciting. and red is delicious. and we like a little fat. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. by 1980. she (he) is dripping hot.
Ciki said…
ipoh curry mee is the BEST! says the ipoh gal.. haha
strangely , the white chicken meats have been replaced by the lost siew yoke and yes , the taste is not so strong as it should be

this version is tame compared to KL's better ones. Probably the prawny sambaly taste is missing and how can got no cockles one. impossible

we knew it ! Pg is best with the first blood

yes you are right , though the first looks are impressive until you realised that the prawns dun taste like prawns

she got the looks in the day , maybe after dark she'll explode in red

infact the long shop opposite's version tastes badder ( honest ) and so Ipoh is still there
( are u coming onot ?)make sure ah
worldwindows said…
The queue at some of these shops are so long during holidays. It is the only time I get to go back. Beyond me waiting at somebody's table until they finished eating. Sigh...
Hazza said…
I've been unlucky in the last two weeks, had two curry mee, but neither were good.