ice kosong , briyani rice n an Indian Girl

Sometimes , to appreciate the fine(r) things in life one has to go about it in a certain order.

Especially if favorites come along in a certain sequence , starting first with the pure one , ending with the final fantasy just after the mid sinisterly bursting flavors

de pure one
de best & cheapest drink in the World at
30 sen a glass

pls click on pix to enjoy the colored rice

RM12 briyani rice with mutton alongside beef
you can't do this everyday, really
(except in a Mamak shop)

and virtually for the delectable dessert

Everyman's (xxx) Dream...RMpriceless

Happy Deepavali !


Ciki said…
wishing you happy colorful hols!
Sharon Y. said…
What a plate of briyani! Expensive but oh so good looking. Happy Deepavali~
tigerfish said…
Ready for bollywood? Hmmmm...I thought the ice kosong is to stop yourself from bleeding after too much bollywood actress! LOL!
HairyBerry said…
whether it's a quickie or a 9 course, it has to be complete. forward playing to start and main course to yummy miss universesssss, we have to.

and of course, the best plain water to keep from the heat and dehydration...
cumi ciki
happy holidays ( can swim 5 km onot ?)

you mean that lady yes she is !
happy holidays !

those days ppl say Indian girls are special hot so its biting good ! the ice is correct, for the stop heat after

interestingly, we like most only remember the opening sequence and the final fantasy but no recall of the in-betweens...Oh ( "U real men are all da same")
choi yen said…
Happy Holiday!!!
ling239 said…
RM12 briyani rice with mutton alongside beef....

i tot i saw one big chunk of fish!! :p
sc said…
wow, that's a stunning picture of the bollywood princess! looking at your pics makes me miss BLR so much!
Ciki said…
cannot! tak boleh renang 5K! haha.. lari boleh
you too enjoy !

the boss gave us the fish for free , coz hari deepavali !

oh , she stuns a lot in Bollywood then Holywood then Kl 2 !

great , now we know. we shall bring you to da sea (to be fair to us )!