Fat sells

Do you , like us , continue to be stumped by the neverending puzzle to the elusive question ...
...what makes a cafe or restaurant successful ?

Why are some shops crowded at all hours of the day while others are close to empty ...and ready to close permanently ?

We sometimes ponder deep and try to get a feel of the taste that might unlock the secret criteria that determines success or failure of an eatery.

For example does the name of a shop have any bearing on attracting customers ? How about the color of the staff uniforms ? Or the length of the cashier's hair ? Even the mis-location of the toilet , who knows ?

Ask any normal guy and he will tell you as a matter of fact that " the food must be of acceptable quality and the price right " , followed by "of course lah must be convenient to eat there..".

Sounds so easy right !

We certainly think the name is important , especially if it sounds bountiful and prosperous ...like this Cafe situated inside the Billion Supermarket, Seri Manjung. Then take away that meat .

Viola !

Welcome to Seri Manjung's bsg ranked Top 3 cafe ! Fantastic logo and a name that will make many obese happy people proud . Quite delicious Malaysian and Western favourites . Simple menu.

Superbly tasty & fragrant assam laksa from RM2.50 , nyonyalicious nasi ayam pedas from RM5.50 and impeccably stylish fish n chips from RM9.90

Crowded most times and a local success story . Its something bout that name ...


Anonymous said…
That question was on my mind today too when I saw an extra long queue outside Fong Lye at The Gardens. I still don't have the answer.
Christina Kim said…
Same here...but I do agree that name and the image of the restaurant or the way they market their products!~

Of course, taste of food is always important..there's so many factors!~:p
tigerfish said…
So if we patronize such a cafe, will be fat lah? Aiyo...better avoid.
worldwindows said…
Enjoyed your coastal Perak write-up very much! Fat sells? Like the Fatman Steamboat and Fatty Crabs?
Anonymous said…
Yah that assam laksa steals the limelight.
we need to sit down long and proper and then deeply ponder , but first we shall dine n wine ! The answer is awaiting

we are supposed to study why SS2 Murni is doing superwell that even other restaurants talk about it ( notwithstanding that it was forcefully closed for health reasons a few weeks back!

you should see the husband n wife team , errr the size lah

but now old town old gals old men old things sell ?

we love your extreme sharpness to tiny details ( mini )
J2Kfm said…
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J2Kfm said…
top 3 cafe? kindly share the other two, PLEASE?
as on most days we went to manjung/sitiawan area, we were stumped on where to eat.
thanks! you guys eat like no tomorrow!
HairyBerry said…
ah yes, good name..and a good tail. like "finger lickin' good" and "probably the best beer in the world"....how can we forget "truly asia" oso??? i'm lovin' it.............
Seri Manjung
-Nasi Ayam Mama ( beside UMW/Michelin Centre , facing Sitiawan-Lumut main road)
-Manjung Kopitiam (opposite NAM on the other side of main road )
-Mr Cendol ( Giant Seri Manjung )

-Strawberry Cafe ( first floor
Paris Cakehouse , few doors from
the Store (Sitiawan)

Fats hugging good !
Ciki said…
quality! then.. price (as in low price).. location? not so important la.. coz we will travel to the ends of the earth to makan... finally.. LARD? yes ... totally important..! to be vegetarian would be .. to.. DIE! haha