the fading green leaf

Jln Gasing in Petaling Jaya has a few stand-out restaurants , of which some are legendary. At least that's the opinion of many experts.

For instance , at the front end of this not so long zig-zagging many times upgraded road , the controversially mis-acclaimed Gasing Ipoh ( comes to PJ ) Chicken Rice is here,

while at the back end , the Lord of Indian Cuisine ( the Lotus Restaurant with more than 13 branches nation wide , and which aptly exemplifies what a modern ancient cuisine should look like, Christmas trees , lights and all ).

Which brings us to another hot shot in between.
Just beside the La Salle School , and where a few more struggling Indian restaurants are sadly situated.

Thats because this big corner ( thank God for location ! ) single shop ( 1 branch only ah sure onot omg !) over(mis)crowded 3sss-under wonder has singlehandedly skyrocked to fame , years ago ...

...disabling the unfortunate ( too close for comfort) clansmen minnows ( Paandi et el ) armed only with greener banana leaves and lots of cheap but become (also got tax one ) expensive meats...+ lots of diversionary dark ( some say no cholesterol ) curries.

In fact certain scornful people have ever so emphatically pointed out , that without these dark things , Indian Cuisine is nothing.

...while we believe this local Icon is ageing fast , so catch it before it fades...

... like the other faded backdoor icon , the Gasing (mole)Hill ...
...thats another tragic sad love story hehe

Restoran Raju
Jln Chantek 5/13
off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya


Christina Kim said…
Oh, that's so true....all the good ol' days icons are slowly fading...that's why it's like chancing upon a four-leaf clover when you see a an old-fashioned heritage place anywhere these days;)
J2Kfm said…
oh Raju. haha. .. and I was thinking "jln gasing somehow sounded familiar lah ..."
lucia said…
ah raju. the only indian restaurant in PJ i had been to a number of times... because it it near to the la salle centre, where we used to have our 'formation' (seminar/conference ala catholic term). during our free time, we always walk over to raju.
choi yen said…
Is Bukit Gasing @ Jln Gasing? *I've been there 10 yrs ago i think :P*
ling239 said…
i love the roti canai at Raju!! ^_^
Tummythoz said…
Craves the variety of fried fish here but not the price. =(
Anonymous said…
I love to see roti "prada" this way, all fluffed up by the smack of two hands to create this rather than a round flat face prata...
Anonymous said…
Roti canai can only be eaten freshly made. I hate it when they basically reheat the roti on their stove...

omg 1.10am and I'm getting hungry. Not good!


nice post!
Ciki said…
love lotus.. and LOVE RAJU's. If you look out from Raju's, you may see me running by with the running group.. haha.. :D
HairyBerry said…
when the trees grow, some are shaded by the taller ones. the competition for the sunlight begins....and the fading of some leaves....

to brickfields then..with love...
Hazza said…
Next to my old school, I have fond memories of this place. Not been back since, but have heard that their rep has enhanced since then.
we have read horrifying tales of the once Greatest Lover in that nearly midnight unforgettable corner you first fell in love with suddenly becoming an unfresh Virgin aroma-ed aka West North East Asiania Immigrantte when your unforgettable mouth-watering smokey CKT Xkapades becomes stranger than Dr strange and those lustuous cockles become cockled blackless ...and for the first time here in "his" arms you failed to come. Thats unforgivable . An iconic loss indeed

their curries are not first grades for there are much better ones , surely in Ipoh, but the crowd...

for one thing its very convenient , then the trees under very spacious ambience ( except the arghhh ! kitchen + you know what )

bukit gasing is off Jln Gasing with an Indian temple , used to be a secret hideaway for secret lovers with a nice secret view of secret places downunder

its roti canai is served in a fresh banana leaf and is quite fluffy and with taste 7 of 10 ( Kannan in section 17 PJ is 8 of 10 )

go try Kavitas Curry House in section 5 nearer the round about ( de king of BLR, PJ )

it looks and feel more tender this way ( like some ladies ?)

thanks for visiting and yes you can only get excellent roti canais if freshly brewed hot and with smoke coming out ! also the curries must be HOT ( like the ladies )

and no wonder !
we always couldn't get our eyes off that slick slim beauty with golden fluffy short hair that whizzles by tight body and all at the other end of the road all the time and then regretting ...
...aiya this Raju got no taste one

we have inadvertently over heard many loud Bankers and lawyers ( seems they love coming here to shout) plotting their whatever gotten gains here and even met some all-jewelled packed Mamasans alongside their highly prized Boy toys , and so its an interesting place nevertheless

they are still doing a roaring business with added aggressive manpower insisting on clearing their meats and fish in record time, but the price is escalating too with the cashier collecting tax non-stop lunch times
sebastian said…
Hmmm...I still prefers the one opposite Bangsar Village II!
nice to drop in, this one you must be talking about Nirvan Maju.

Yeah his curries and the rest are quite good ! he scores brilliantly in location too
Anonymous said…
Raju's forte must definitely be all the freshly fried fishes and meats. Other than that, the curries, etc...hmmmm...I can think of other restaurants that are on par (if not better) with Raju's. Then again, I sometimes think that I've been spoilt by mum's cooking.
many people including some food blogs rave about Raju's roti canai as being De Standard . Its quite decent really but you can find better ones with the "real curries" in Kanna ( Section 17 )and Sri Melor ( Shah Alam, Klang )+ many more of course from Taiping to Batu Pahat. Infact there many in Sitiawan/Ayer Tawar as good if not better than Raju at 1/2 the price and 2X the service !
Just like you, we never find Raju's curries inspiring enough ( we actually can't stand the detached ultra efficient tax collector inside that rich little collection counter, where kind hearted people fight & scramble to donate)

Anonymous said…
Oh, I was just there the other weekend with my darling and a very old friend... Shy only bring them there, I tell you the food quality has dropped dramatically and the service is horrendous!

I rather head to Sri Paandi in Section 11 or for banana leaf, that horribly expensive Kanna Curry House. If I'm gonna pay through my nose, at least I want good food. ;)
Good , you are a rare one indeed to openly say trash to Raju !

We have never liked his curries , and then that unspeakable small sized alien holed up in the tax counter with the extra fast hands