extra Big Cake House in da small jungle

As you approach small pekan Ayer Tawar ( ha ?) ( along the 23km-stone road to mythical Sitiawan ) during one of your usual breakaways from Big Town Chicken County ( Ipoh ) , your weary eyes might just be deceived by a kind of car-crowd to your right ( especially around 12 something in the day. You mean a Big Restaurant in this jungle ? My, that's simply great !

Being a little hungry and loving things around the bushes ( or trees ) , you make a quick U turn in front then slotted in , with bated breath.

To your great surprise it's a Big Bakery with an aircond cafe in front , like sure...in the middle of nowhere which is what you fancy ! But sorrylah the inside aircond zone with 10 tables was reserved ( for a Big group) and you were politely ushured to the windy hot alfresco outside with loud ronggengny music ( and a better view of the zooming container lorries whizzing by , see or not ?)
Looking around the modern clean setup , it almost seems like one of the usual old town cafes along extended Lahat Road or even Jln Pasir Puteh, what a cute surprise in this tiny kampung in da forest !

assam laksa RM 2.50 . curry mee RM2.50 . coffee RM1.10 . the buns RM 1.20 or so

And so they came . You were promptly forgiven for saying you very much prefer and already missed the place where you just came from...even if you have to pay triple !

Yeah sure , thats what happens when a modern cafe tries to fuse into the authentic old ambience of a real genuine traditional kampung.

somethings gonna give right . Err the taste ( i mean )


ling239 said…
i am actually lost at the first sentence....>.<"
Ciki said…
lol.. the 10 tables must have been reserved for team bsg la.. ! Wow.. in the middle of no-where.. should be pretty hard to find but u guys did it!
worldwindows said…
I have been wanting to go to that part of Perak for a while. Just a slow drive....
Anonymous said…
Haha... why is it always the TASTE that gives? Sometimes both the PRICE + TASTE worsens... :P
HairyBerry said…
they will need a food fedex to penetrate deep into the world of super authentic, exotic, delicious small jungle. 755 25 25 is always an easy to dial number. we are waiting....
Michelle said…
aiyer aiyer aiyer...
counting from 2.50, 1.20 and 1.10...
how could u torture us with prices like this.. we can't even get anything for 3 bucks here now.. =(
we were lost too when we saw the sore thumb sticking out !

actually its just beside the main road , big and not lonely

world windows
if you intend to come , we shall be pleased to recommend some good places

most people care especially about taste , being the first feel after the other first visual impression. Many will pay for the taste , even if it is extra high ( then they will say its extra high taste and worth it )! Some ppl we know paid RM1000 for a night's ( actually 30 minutes ) fun with the lady somewhere in between Shanghai and Suzou

lets do it , get the backpacks ready !

haha sorry but the time shall come we promise you