the 5 hundred sen ambience

Folks in the villages ( & kampungs ) love the City brightlights and simply crave the Big Town feel. Cool n hip ! Incredible ! and fantastic ! are some of the superlative ooohs and aaahhs outpouring whenever the Bentong Aaahmeds come face to face with da inscrutable Sushi King & the flamboyant J Co Donuts downunder the Pavilion , KL ... that last Hari Raya break.

Musminah the murid sekolah Tingkatan 4 nearly almost refused to return to her Kampung in Batu Bolih near Karak after this wonderful adventure with the spanking new Utama 1 & 2 , Petaling Jaya and who can blame her !

But funny tho Big City folks do the reverse each & everytime !

Stanley Alfredo Teoh and Co will never forget to remember to come here all da time...

Why not ...for only some almost extinct shillings they can have it all , the silky smooth seaview , the smelly mangrove swamp and the nostalgic
rasa asli.

pls click image to count the sens , a price awaits the correct answer

400 sen + 1 ringgit here on da table , thats all you need for 2 !
super riverine seaview . Coconut trees ! Mud ! the original pungent stench ! the breeze ! the people .

got discount sommore if you got manners ! Got senyuman manis also !

and these darlings of Malaysian Kampung / become City favourites

actually it isn't funny at all ...its just great


Christina Kim said…
Aiyo...not easy to count ler, bsg!!!~ I am squinting my eyes....
I only get ten 10 cents, 5 20 cents, and 2 50 cents....I don't think I'm right, but do I get a prize too for the extra squinting effort I did? *smiles cutely*

But this is really a nice place, a symbol of our true Malaysian culture:)
Ciki said…
nice sepia shots.. so nostalgic:D
worldwindows said…
The unorthodox prose resonates through my guts! 9pcs 0.20sen, 8pcs 0.10sen, 1pc 0.50sen and RM1. Total RM4.10.
Tummythoz said…
So 10sen for tips?
choi yen said…
4pcs 20cents, 10pcs 10 cents, 1pcs 50 cents, 1pcs RM1 note ;)
you have won more than those sens , of course, see answer below

this is where we shall bring you

world windows
tks for the super effort ! its actually 2x50 + 5x20 + 10x10 + 1 ringgit + 2x50sen . You missed by only a few sens by golly !

for you we will give anything ( you ask)

da price is on the way ( serious)
keep on reading...
HairyBerry said…
of course it's great! classics are never out of time. in fact donut was once a classic. but before the cheese topping...

the breeze and senyuman manis. best giler!
yessir we love that