your choices just got better

older & younger...
while we sinned ourselves obese with the famed PJ State Chinese duck porridge + Chinaman fat meats inside out , one of us slipped off to covert with his hot Thai love d missi tom yam noodles ...
...right on John Lennon's 

( Kafe ) 
Strawberry Fields 
( are forever ) . 

Yes , after all these years he's still freshly hip, cool , n  ever young...

You should see the amazing huge multiracial crowd here daily 
This new kid on the block with popular Malaysian favourites in Damansara Jaya ( beside Dominos Pizza ) revealed an extraordinary Nasi Lemak with Xceptionally tasty ayam rendang 

You can surely expect some more surprises from this lovely bro-sis young energetic place
 with the strikingly familiar old tastes
Cinta Ria@dj
Taking a cue from the adorable  Queen of Jaya One Petaling Jaya herself ,
we finally landed in this huge new 6 month old zone ( beside section 17 PJ ) ,
quietly enjoying a Tasty Treat

Simply delicious breakfast of roti bakar , telur tengah masak and black unsugared coffee , with a great price much less than the hovering giant ( watch out ! ) 
Old Town White Coffee ( next Big Thing ) down the humongous corner.
The surprising Famous Seremban Favourites ( Mayang Mas , PJ )

While basically a rice n noodles shop the unSerembany luscious dark strips of 
charred fatty skinny remains ruled supreme  giving 
super porkman alternate Meng Kee ( of Lorong Tong Shin , KL) a run for his money
 (so says hard to please BSG Klang)

the normally 2 Busy Boss has promised to reveal  more the next time we meet...

Yes , be adventurous...go out and try something new today...
catch de unflappable trendy OLD Guys in young clothings launching a massive onslaught

~be deliciously amazed, like us~


J2Kfm said…
the Char Siew is to die for. trashed Meng Kee, hands down.
Christina Kim said…
Yet another round of nice places introduced...hehehe, I am looking forward to using your blog as a guide when people ask me where to eat/go:)
Thanks for the great info sharing yea...nice nice~
wmw said…
Yes, I have not eaten at Meng Kee since discovering FSF.
Ciki said…
strawberry fields forever indeed. love that song. Hmmm.. you make us wanna go look for charred charsiew this bfast! lol
HairyBerry said…
soooo, seems like our beloved team is in love with Famous Seremban Favourites as well, eh? hehehe...

more revelation coming up? we are here. waiting. though not strawberry field.
ling239 said…
Queen of Jaya One....@_@

where is my crown ? hahahaaaa...
tks so much for your support ~ ^_^