yellow chicken fatigue

invariably , the body hardens and the tenderness fades inevitably...

continuing the saga of the Yellow Chicken story. 
still humidly and hotly crowded... 
...tho the exasperating accolades of old is now a distant memory

SS4 , Petaling Jaya 
Kee Kee Bentong chicken rice shop


HairyBerry said…
those days when chicken were REAL chicken. yellow, smooth and tasted like chicken. none of those unpleasant, fatigue smell.

perhaps evolution has taken place..sigh......
Michelle said…
wow.. ur taugeh piling so high up huh?? hmmm nice looking chicken u have there.. tender and soft.. hahaha
still evolving , while we get older
s i g h

planning a trip ti klang soon, to see ya !