tourism Kota Kinabalu

Its no longer the wild frontier ! Super casual ...easy

Malaysia's best tourism destination ? It has everything ( n more )
relaxing, rejuvenating KK Waterfront by nightfall .
Its a l i v e with Europeans , Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese !
F n B haven ( prices comparatively cheaper than Kuala Lumpur )
Magnificent Tanjung Aru , just outside the town centre KK.
Jagung ( corn ) paradise ++ .
the lost Monsopiad cultural village
find n enjoy at your own peril...


edrie (ed.drie) said…
thank you for stopping by shaka foodie! :)
Anonymous said…
U have the best of everything, cheap flight, good food, idyllic place and nice photos...
Michelle said…
wow!!! really food haven huh!?!
a trail of long yummy affordable food... how u guys manage?? hahaha
HairyBerry said…
with development, it wont be long before it becomes the next hotspot for beach lovers, i mean foreign tourists. and perhaps the new season of survivor.

dude, what's with the corn pic? haha!
ling239 said…
hmm... wat is the first top left pic ? wat food is tat ? looks delicious...^_^
Jason said…
Guess seafood are cheap there isn't it?
tigerfish said…
Slow and easy + good food! I want good weather too.
Christina Kim said…
Nice nice...too tempting lar...and I am saving my vacation leave:)
Hey there! Check out my website at Come and experience the waves of Penang!
its our pleasure to discover new big eaters !

great place KK , dun miss it !

we try but always got something missing , what to do

we hope too the season will strike here soon, stiff corn not withstanding

good olde curry chicken...

not true, since restaurant prices are touristy for the unwary

with airfare so cheap , worth a trip from the west without the religious interference n hypocritical posturing

grest idea !

run with wave
tks we'll try soon !
Unknown said…
did you take the boat ride to the Tunku Abdul Rahman park? The water's there so so clear!

are you climbing Mt Kinabalu after all the eating? you know the food at the stopover at Laban Rata is really good! The lamb stew ah.......
(yes of all places right?)
apa no tel BBQ LAND KUANG, SG BULOH SELANGOR? penat dah kita cari. halal ke? dgr crt mrh gila! mdh nak jumpa tmpt dia?

sorilah byk tanya, makaseh...

yg bnr,

sms me +60128624623 OR
nope, we didnt !