sup ekor

in d' station

It is pleasantly strange that while you cannot find beef & mutton in most Chinese restaurant menus , and that Hindu Indians totally avoid consuming beef , this red meat is a prime & much sought after delicacy for our home grown Muslims !

It is then alright to talk about strength in diversity ...

...or is it ?
We have mentioned this station before in Tanjung Karang , near K Selangor as having the mee kung fu.

Apart frrom the great looking and kampung styled nasi lemak , it many other Malay restaurants has a range of really hot soups.

You can try its sourish spicy ox tail soup at RM5 each. Guaranteed to beef you up for the next 3 hours and extra useful to keep the heat on .

Ox bone soup can be another hard alternative for the rougher ones


J2Kfm said…
some extra heat never hurts, eh? :)
Anonymous said…
I agree, you don't find these meats much in Chinese restaurants, but when they do serve it, esp. mutton, there is a good prospect of them dishing up something special one can't find everywhere.

Now on to the search...
ling239 said…
ox tail soup sourish ? hmm.... can meh ?
HairyBerry said…
just when getting stim is harder than hard to do these days due to all the unnecessary pressure and stock, the ox seems to be a good fuel. afterall, they dont call it an aprodisiac for nothing, right? ;)
sc said…
oh, love the muslim version of soup ekor/ tulang.. much gamier tasting.. have it with rice, sambal, lime and salted egg..purrfectt
choi yen said…
What is Kung Fu Mee? Never drink oxtail soup, i assume it is a bit peppery~~
Christina Kim said…
This really goes without saying that Malaysians are a diversified lot!:)
this sup is surely on the normal pasar malam spread so nobody can miss it !

becoz many Chinese are Buddhist who dun take meat and support Hindus' no beef diet( confusing ), and as every red meat that doesn't taste porky is bad meat( more confusing ), but horrible tasting mutton becomes a "yea mei" specialty with anti-heat anti smell herbs to become another gourmet wonder ( how to find ah ?)

can can , we show you soon

da bull run is great but nowwwsdays the tails has disappeared into the puasa malam spreads , for the bears are Akumming

the sourish spicy tastes with the crunchy celery and semi-raw onions seem quite good with rice, yes and the
...p o w e r...

KFmee is the version where they are supposed to use Chinese yee mee fully covered with egg omelette and the sup ekor is chili padi assamy tasty ( must check with pemasak again , he dowan to give recipe)

haha, some would say
...mabuk lot...
...where shapely no-tudung Malay girls serve non-steak to Carlsberg crazy Indians in Japanese cigar Bistro beside obese half drunk Chinamen eating fried lobak with dangerous Vietnamese GROs OMG !
(in Tmn Megah PJ)