sensuous lure

Every once in a while , a kind of killer aroma hits you hard when you least expect  and you are seduced  to follow the fishy trail, even tho you had  just bloated yourself with that famed scrumptuous no 1 coconut creamed curry mee near the GSC only 20 minutes ago.  

Yes , inside Jaya Jusco Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. A nice looking cafe with shining tables and chairs...and that abundant smell.

If everybody here was slurping the dark coloured noodles dish then something must be right.

Strangely the pineapple enhanced colour was not invitingly bright , and the (unkembongy) fish strands brownish & woody. Then no trace of the delightful ginger flowers ( bunga kantan ) . While the normally cut red chillis were replaced by green ones , floating in an overloaded shrimpy paste broth.

A nasalicious assam laksa RM5.90 with the irresistible pungent aroma yet minus the sexy colors and the elusive killer taste which we had lustily expected

Garden Cafe
Jaya Jusco
Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said…
This is one of my favourite place whenever I am up in KL; like the yellow glutinous rice too.
Kana said…
I have to try it when I come home for a visit.Thanks for the tip!
HairyBerry said…
ohhh...nasalicious. lurve that word. this is an absolutely cannot-miss place, not because of the food, but the smell. the smell of chlorophyl of the garden couldnt help to break the smell of the bunga lawang.

a perfume floor on the top floor. i prefer this to CK One...hehe...
Yinsi Yat said…
Penang assam laksa the best lo.
Simon Seow said…
Always smelled the nice aroma from the laksa every time I passed by.
sc said…
i used to go there when they first started years back..i find the quality lacking now and have since stopped patronizing for few years dy...
its a very popular place with lady shoppers

tks fro dropping here and this cafe is a great place to snack as it is clean without the black flying objects, tho the smell can be highly pungent

you got it just right

yeah Penang Penang

does remind you of some of your gorgeous women huh ?

the color is dark with many missing items . but how come the smell ?
choi yen said…
I like the assam laksa, make me saliva dripping~~
Ciki said…
i miss asam laksa!!!
J2Kfm said…
last time I tot the assam laksa was pricey at RM6 per bowl. but wondered why so many ppl throng the place.

now I know. OK, at least it's cheaper than most outlets in MidV
tigerfish said…
I like the idea of adding pineapples leh! Hahhaa...definitely for the tropics but this kind of addition is asian meh? :O
Precious Pea said…
Love the smell but heard not as good as it never dare to try.
mimi & cumi ciki, j2kfm
the aroma is,,,

its a Penang signature fruit additive for assam laksa, tho missing in Malay style

precious pea
perhaps you shud still try it !
ling239 said…
the assam laksa is good !! ^_^