restoran floating

When we got up after the freshest of fresh seafood ( & drink) , it felt a little shaky but that was a nice feeling and aptly describes the colossal fish farm in a floating restaurant in ultra famous seafood paradise Bukit Tambun ( near Penang Island)

6 smallish local fresh oysters ( RM 12 ) with lemon and tabasco sauce , teow chew clear steamed slippery meat tigerfish ( RM 15 ) & some thorny clams ( RM6 ) , set us up for our Kia rendezvous near Queensbay Mall , Penang Island

restoran floating
lot 2400 , Jalan Bukit Tambun
Seberang Prai
tel 04 - 588 3063
( exit Bukit Tambun , before Juru toll N/S Highway)


that place become more expensives these day...

according to BiL

only outside penangnese come to eat there
sc said…
your order of food in tambun is very different from mine.. mine looks very cina..hahahhaa
Anonymous said…
Gave u a sea creature effect eating on the platform, can goyang somemore after that.
J2Kfm said…
floating really the name ah?
last time we used to frequent one called Jetty or something like that. the furthests, right by the sea/strait.
k.t.x said…
i really hv no idea how malaysian waters will fuel up these creatures to growth, but these small lil aphrodisiac creatures will sure fuel YOU up. add a lil alcohol...u go bang!
HairyBerry said…
i am reminded of Jumbo, but this is so much more interesting, and exotic and affordable. oh, throw in some beer as well for the ultimate floating experience. i likezzzzz... ;D
pisang goreng
normally we try the end lot one , price good. this time extra big floating shop . price seems reasonable, tho we suspect the prices are shooting up and up

tks for yr cina link, the usual for the gluttons ! the prices here are still way below those of KL/Subang / Klang ! and great sea breeze

its a fantastic place for hundreds of people ! a sort of group dance carnival effect

the end ones jetty is the most popular being edge of sea. the std here is quite similar shop to shop but all fresh and prices still good

yes, bruder, which was why when we finito at the Quensbay Mall then kaputed at the barner shop in town

indeed . the whole of KL/Spore+PJ food bloggers convention shud be held here and then still got space for 50 more I tell you.
shake shake shake in this Pro Anwar place , to welcome 916