rat island

Penang's greatest eats . Everything and anything under the sun .

The Market , Pulau Tikus ( rat island )

friendly aunties , hungry uncles. perut ikan , nyonya kuihs , nasi lemak , salted fish bones curry, hokkian mee ( RM 2.50 a bowl ) , char keow tuey , chee cheong fan ( pungent one ) , carrot cake , assam laksa( real Penang one ) , red prawn durians etc etc etc

...if you have not come here yet...you have not come to Penang (nyonya auntie say one )

V were unlucky , we din spot no rats... nor mouse...
...that morning


Anonymous said…
I am no Nyonya Auntie but I also say two....I loved this type of coners and lanes - market that is.
Penang Tua Pui said…
Oh yea.. Pulau Tikus Market,

The ban chang kueh was quite nice... especially the thick one...
worldwindows said…
Char Kuay Tiaw in Pulau Tikus anytime. I like your Tambun posting too. Tried the floating one but like the Fish Village Seafood better. Must try Mee Teow, Murex, Baby Squids, Hor Yip Fan and Soft Shell Crabs.
lucia said…
the rat island got a lot of nice food indeed! apart from the market, nearby, lots of other coffee shops and restaurants had been mushrooming. it has become like a small town!

the nice char koay teow is not at the market but in a coffee shop on the main road (opposite the police station).

the dessert at the market is very famous! (red beans, green beans, gandum etc). good for tea time.
Ciki said…
when the cat's away... the mice will play.. :D the mice were hiding from your massive appetite! hehe
HairyBerry said…
yes, not all tikuses are bad. in some countries, they are considered as holy animals. it is this tikus that enlightened me on the divine taste of curry mee. which i still worship and adore. ;D
choi yen said…
Heard that Pulau Tikus has a lot lot divine food~~
we are the backstreetgluttons , after all ! we also love the Batu Pahat assam fish soup

penang tua pui
were you the one we saw there ah ?
looked familiar

world windows
great to know you are a Bkt Tambun & P Tikus connoisseur, like us !

we plan to be back here again , to try the salted fish bone curry , etc etc and the ckt ! coming

cimi ciki
we din even finis 1/100 of the spread so we are starving

this was an unexpected heaven which was never revealed to us before. then it was all new lane and gurney

it certainly has lots to offer and cheap