the Promised Land

USJ / Subang ( Petaling Jaya ) , Selangor is the largest Housing Estate in Malaysia , and where one of us live. It is not noted for exceptional food , nor for anything else ...
...other than the fact that it is BIG . ...and the epitome of the new Malaysian generation & IT.

If you don't believe check out the new state-of-the-sky WIMAX service here.

At this place in SS21 , USJ , almost touching the borders of Puchong if you are coming form struggling Shopping Mall Summit USJ , and almost out of sight to the non-food hunters, lies a strange dim-sum ( Chinese breakfast pop-in mouth specialty ) Mecca .

At least that was what he promised....

i swear ( actually he din )

" Despite many price hikes in raw material, and many dim sum restaurants have increase dim sum prices, We from Hoong Foong would like to maintain our price (until further notice) as an "appreciation offer" to our customer "

Operating Hours 营业时间 : 7:00AM to 2:30PM

Monday to Sunday 星期一至星期天

(Including Public Holiday 包或公共假期)


Anonymous said…
Good on them! Good food, better prices. :D
Ciki said…
we were just in subang this wkd.. food there is good eh.. lol
Anonymous said…
Big title man, promised land ~ land of honey and milk.

Enjoyed your clap clap comments, like clap wave from KL to Ipoh to Singapore..haha
ling239 said…
(until further notice) ...>.<"
this place is quite Chinaman Decent tho not visually borgeously opulent like some 5 hotel offerings

USJ lose out by many km to authentic KL !

then you will surely enjoy Us . V not only clap n eat

ya thats why their website is out of date !
wmw said…
Yah. Clap, eat and sing! Hehehe...
Anonymous said…
Oh really you mean backstreetsingers?
Michelle said…
very long time din eat dim sum d..
long long long time man... din realise until i saw ur post...
hmmm... :(
HairyBerry said…
just when the world is going down with the ups, one restaurant decided to not up. sure the crowd would not go down.

eat and sing? yes, yes, yes!
why , we always remember that fine evening in Subang where we sang
( n drank )...with RMalaysia

yeah !

this one also got so many shapes and sizes . round ones many

you have put it uply happy
Tummythoz said…
No hike in price. Same size, ingredients & taste? Really a Land of Plenty!
tigerfish said…
Is it free WIMAX? :P
Anonymous said…
good for us, the consumers that is always badly hit
quite a popular place for usj residents , tho no outstanding specials

no , not free, daily or monthly charges

yes , at least he can proudly proclaim that , but still the other attractions must not fail