Penang Island

and team bsg
made 4 each other


Anonymous said…
Walau... You should get Carlsberg to become your blog sponsor lah, bro... Featured so prominently. Like product placement in a 007 film, hehe.
Anonymous said…
wow... seems like you enjoy penang food lor...
Tummythoz said…
Eh, didn't know they serve beer at the Kek Lok Si Temple restaurant. Hmmm..
k.t.x said…
u my man, man!
infact she wanted to , audition coming up , as we thought Patrick Teoh was/is too not handsome

more the kalaokes where we din get their names ...again

no lah , that was earlier

again, u shud have been here !
tigerfish said…
Having too much fun that no time to write something ah? :P LOL!
HairyBerry said…
probably the best beer..errr, food in the world!