mee goreng Bangkok Lane

he moves,,,
...super fast....friendly

do not boycott him, yet

a colorful plate
great springy cuttlefish slices
caution : do not squeeze 2 much of the super sour limes ok

near Pulau Tikus , Penang


Ciki said…
where the hell is this bangkok lane?!! u guys sure can sniff out a good place to eat.. ! directions puhleeze....
lucia said…
if you are coming from town, bangkok lane is just before the cantonment road traffic light junction (near the police station).

i used to frequent this mee goreng stall but ever since beginning this year, i found a better mee goreng stall at the sri weld food court (beach street), i stop going there. the mee goreng at sri weld is simply fantastic! very laku one... if you go lunch hour, must wait very long. (oh btw, sri weld is also where the very sedap nasi lemak is).
cumi ciki
pls refer Lucia's direction below. he has been featured by a certain book and newspaper and is justifiably proud, tho one of us thinks it is not extraordinary except for the sotong strips

tks for the "on the ground" directions and new recommendation
sc said…
this is my fave mee goreng in PG!! even the prawn mee there is yummy *slurps*