meanwhile , the delightful Nyonyas

make their moves 

melaka corner , 1 Utama Petaling Jaya
runaway desserts alley sweet and pungent 
just like along the old streets beside the Malacca River
sri melaka , 1 utama PJ
losing all traces of its ancient heritage. almost a hongky tonky lookalike
but...saved by the delicious nasi lemak springy sotong RM6 with drink
hitting the colorful ladies hard along the busy sidewalk
nonya colors , 1 utama
a great mall success story
Tuan Ee, the grand olde dame , level upstairs the Curve, PJ
location is everything
authentic otak otak ( RM8 ) , perut ikan( RM16 )
highly recommended , a connoisseur's hidden haven


Christina Kim said…
Wow...all Malaccan food!~ In the vicinity of PJ too; that's really nice:)
Very good post; short, simple and pictures say it all!~
sc said…
funnily enough, i hardly have any malaccan food up in KL/ Sel. somehow it tastes..diff..but this tuan ee looks interesting..
J2Kfm said…
ah tuan ee looks too posh la .. I never dared step in. but seems OK the price.

Nyonya Colors I think a bit over-rated, no?
ling239 said…
this is no back street d wei, right in the middle of a mall hahahaaaaa....:P
Ciki said…
if you can stomach the perut.. you will be a happy camper ideed :D the stinkier the better !
HairyBerry said…
nyonya colours have blown out of flavoursome proportions at the many flavours!!! not just nyonya colours anymore! all colours!!!
Anonymous said…
Ah, this makes me feel nostalgic. Especially since I'm one-eighth Peranakan... love Nyonya cuisine, oh I do! :D
choi yen said…
I love nyonya kuih with vibrant colours~~
TQ for your flashing comments !
we always try to relate food to fun , and to compare different shops

tuan ee semms to be located in no man's land and have closed a few shops while the Klang one is fumbling, tho they are authentic ( maybe thats the problem

tuan ee is friendly enough but poorly located. nyonya colors is bright and appeals to many fast food patrons and food is decent tho a bit pricey , with a remarkable range of hot and cold choices in the miniscule kitchen

sorry lah we shud have said the 1 utama comes to team bsg !

one of us is actually a nyonya chef with perut ikan as his specialty, just let us know when you are ready !

nyonya colors got it right by staying just beside the backstreet in da Mall, so all can see its backstreet authentic colors

we too love nyonya food and in fact have a few good nyonya GFs

nyonya kuihs are unbeatable and we strongly believe higher std (but lower class) than the European pastries , tks to world class superior American marketing !