lonely, dark , ugly ... just LUCKY

After the usual gorgeous filipina high uplifting chill in Desa Hartamas , Kuala Lumpur the Chinaman recommended this much-hyped dark place in the Streets of Kepong , the famed Jinjang Joe kind of classic eatery, some say like da Ah Beng - Ah Leng Gluttons Corner , where if you are lucky...

...you will come face to face with the electrifying China National Dragon Ladies
the Scene is just right . Whizzzzing cars and dust , and the noise.
Another John Woo Masterpiece.

but the fattylicious side dishes of skinny hard and soft meats , papery tofu strands and wringkled legs & toes were a total let down .

But at least we now know what the Kepong so-called BKT ( as you come in from PJ , it is after McDonalds to your left and near Shell Station in one of the shophouses to your right ) fuss is all about .


Ciki said…
thx for the tip.. i won't eat here ;P
J u n e said…
wheee.....so long never visit your site la! Still remmeber me? lols.
HairyBerry said…
this place only opens for a few hours because the business is really really really good even though the tea cups are small.

onli the commendable super dark trotter for me here. that's all. :)
choi yen said…
Only at midnight if not mistaken~~
Tummythoz said…
Not sure where's this but since it's a let down, nevermind-la.
Christina Kim said…
Awful to hear about that...but at least it's good thing to share...
tigerfish said…
What kind of food do they serve? All meat?
Anonymous said…
Food doesnt look good too but I eye the old fashioned tiled coffee-shop vs the snazzy mini-cooper in front, must be the cityman going to the cave..hahaha
ling239 said…
should we forget abt this place or wat ? :p
Anonymous said…
"...you will come face to face with the electrifying China National Dragon Ladies"

LOL. Oh I've encountered those even in Jakarta, at a buffet. Man, can these ladies eat... Wonder what they need all that energy for? :P
sc said…
since it's not that nice, wont bother to ask you where this BKT place is..
cimi ciki
no , you should coz you will bring much happiness to the crowd here

angry y c
I am sure now you have grown taller , sweeter and prettier ...so time to change your name huh ?
of coz we remember you dear

truly we can't really remember, after the great filipina odyssey the other side , except we got no herbal taste maybe the antioxidants overworked

you ahud try it if your are nearby coz we strongly believe in personal Xperiences

did you know when we are not happy about a place we look forward to others proving us wrong !
or shall we say we want the other views...

all dark colors one

it was a great dark night...with small black things

of course , you must try it since its so popular. taste is quite subjective , infact 2 oof us loved it ! 2 din

life for beginners
they cannot really , but they can drink ! and they are pure white glows ( all of 4 hours )
we have lots of storys

do keep this place in your calendar
we could be deadly mistaken