kuey teow t'ng , Penang Island

everything except kuey teow
a Penang signature dish xtraordinaire

address : Penang Island
Pulau Pinang
Penang , Malaysia


Ciki said…
like i always say... I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD... Muahaahaha! I love blood. Blocks and blocks of it. Penang posts.. we like!
lucia said…
where is this koay teow th'ng? anson road? xie hin restaurant opposite the anson road market right?

hey tonixe, you and your gang did't go and try the best koay teow th'ng stall in penang at king street?
Anonymous said…
Clear Kuay Teow with the favourites in it is a winner.
Michelle said…
i like i like.. i like intestine soupp.. yummmy... drooling d..
eh look pretty un-oily compared to here~~ =P
cimi ciki
pls plse dearest we want we want ...

when we came out from this ?? place and broke a tail light I actually dun know where the H are we and the KTT without the kuey teow seems hot and simmering with slippery black floats ! must check where were we then, tks for new recommendation

the koey teow tng is like an aphrodisiac which if not used within 6 hours will make something break !

so nex time in Penang make sure u get lots of the original, without the oil
J2Kfm said…
I'll skip the liver and the blood. yucky stuff ... but comfort food for the soul la... rmbr how we ate bowls after bowls of this whenever we were sick, or exam's drawing near ...
tigerfish said…
Never seen such kuey teow tng in SGP leh!