the KK Waterfront

the happening place , Kota Kinabalu

Here along the beach in the town centre , is the pride of KK - its wooden platformed sunny Waterfront featuring a distinctive maritime aroma.

...a few km long with a range of international standard alfresco dining outlets/pubs and retail shops , with modern corporate buildings and shopping centres just across on the other side of the wide road.
flanked by a huge wet market and a seemingly humble looking marine products centre selling a range of dried shark fins, abalones , sea cucumbers etc with prices starting from
tens of ringgits per gramme to
hundreds of ringgits per gm to
RM'000s /kg !

these much sought after delicacies (aphrodisiacs ?) from the bottom of the Sabah Sea must be really good !


HairyBerry said…
perhaps honeymooners will love the aphrodisiacs...i mean food here. even more. so will me! for the sunset...hehehe...
choi yen said…
Went there last year, everyday seafood, seafood & seafood, really got sick of them~~~ =.=