hokkian mee vs mee yoke

In Penang Island , what the rest of the country refer to as prawn mee ( prawn noodles ) is called Hokkian Mee ( Hare Mi ) . While in KL some call it Mee Yoke ( Har Meen ).

In Penang , this popular noodle dish ( Pulau Tikus ) goes for RM2.50 a bowl in most shops while in KL/PJ around 60 % more for RM4 .
Back in Petaling Jaya, this famous "brand" inside a coffee shop ( Restoran Hock Seng Two ) in SS2 , PJ by the name of Mee Yoke Lim ( MYL) is still going strong . In fact the name MYL is a living legend in PJ foodlore with mouthwatering body-manouvering wallet-pumping intriguing tales of classic thrills & spills...all da way up and down winding Karak Highway and the unending roving Hills.

So then tell us , which version is better ...Penang or PJ ?

the answer...is

Penang ( Pulau Tikus ) for the price , PJ ( SS2 MYL ) for the sharper more flavorful taste

( unbelievable but true...)

which would you prefer ?


J2Kfm said…
i like Penang ones la! but hock seng two I went for the curry puffs once only.hehe
Anonymous said…
Me for SS2! Cos I'm a fan of most things SS2 to be honest. :D
ling239 said…
but i prefer the one at O&S, Paramount Garden...^_^
HairyBerry said…
this is tougher than choosing either jessica alba or jessica simpson.

i like hare mee, yes, the prawn type (minus the rabbit). hehehe...

then again, can i add singapore's version as well? with spare ribs, they are yummy oso. ;D
Babe_KL said…
lucky can still find decent ones in KL :p