flight to KK

Sabah on the East seems so far away. At least from the West.

And so for an unbelievable all-in RM200 each ( return fare) we flew for a preview of Independence Day 16 Sept 2008.

The normally Puduraya-styled congested low cost Terminal KLIA was not so crowded probably because of the Puasa month.

A quickie bite at the relaxed ( low price ) Food Garden ( e.g mee rebus RM5 ) and the pleasant
3 /4 ( tiga suku ) full flight departed right on schedule, arriving 2 1/2 hours later in Kota Kinabalu ( busting the myth of Air Asia's famed tardiness ) .


Jackson said…
Food Garden is kinda far away from the terminal rite? alwiz lazy to walk there
Rasa Malaysia said…
That's great fares. Will be going to to KK end of this year just the thought of seafood excites me.
its about 3 to 4oo metres not that far actually ! but only if you have the time ! less crowded better service

you are right , the seafood at the waterfront is just great. so free so breezy tho not cheap in restaurants