the duck porridge stall

In any town in Malaysia , if you ask properly , you will be recommended rightfully to a "local" authentic place where the traditional crowd will astound  you and your appetite will increase by leaps and bounds. That is , if you can eat anything , and us

Like this fly by night duck operator n his flock of sombre looking attendants

He that skillfully ( Chinese black) sauces and flavorises all those things
(waxy skins, alpha beta hyper-salted over de-oxygenated poly un fats and bones )
 that he knows all 
you gluttons crave and will die  for.
its so easy...
just soak them in with your bowl of piping hot porridge and the rest is ... they say...
 history , of more than 30 years

Kam Heong Duck Porridge ( ++ )
Petaling Jaya 'State'
near the MPPJ Tower
beside UOB Bank
nights only


ohh the duck got me salivating..bugger..its been so long since i came over here..
J2Kfm said…
delicious. I also eat everything and anything. but I'm a one man show, no team members. a bit susah to really eat EVERYthing. sigh ...
Anonymous said…
oh...pj state duck shop...i love to visit miss the duck thr~~
Anonymous said…
oh...pj state duck shop...i love to visit miss the duck thr~~
Ciki said…
we love this braised duck.. around for yoinks but still one of the best in PJ :D good choice!
Simon Seow said…
I see the promo shown on the TV there that the ducks are source from Perak.
j2kfm, ducks from Perak and yet BSGluttons get to eat in PJ...hahaha
this duck shop has the best pig insides ! and the pork hand !

one fine day we shall eat together !

its one of the most popuklar shops here in State, and yks for visiting !

cumi ciki
its big intestines is the best we have tried

probably but not all of them...

thats the magic of cyberspace !