15 Sept 2008 . 8 pm Kelana Jaya Stadium

Good People of Malaysia...pls be there ...we need you 
because they need us !

detained under ISA...@ 13 Sept 2008 8 am 
L - R : Ms Teresa Kok,44 ( MP Seputeh )  
Mr RPK, 58 ( Malaysia Today )   
Ms Tan H C , 33 (Sin Chew Reporter, since released)

don't just eat &  laugh...pls do something , anything

we can ( and should ) do much more
the time has come 
the time is 


go to this blog for the latest perspective as it unfolds

pix courtesy bodohland                                                                                      a Save Malaysia Project


these arrests are totally outrageous!!! good ppl considered bad, bad ppl considered good. crazy!!
choi yen said…
It's their tactic, so stay calm, don't trapped by them..... We are not as stupid as those bullshit axxhole!!! Support Raja Petra!!!!
it is confriming that the present gomen is about to fall and is imploding, where the head cannot control the body and vice versa

wow ! we heard you !