after the el-Mamaks , some amazing choices

the young & old cafes strike back 

in SS2 & the Curve , PJ
surely the mother of them all... this triple storey dark gaping hole wonder 
 previously Segi College SS2
some kind of mysterious cool fine dining place specially for warm  loving Couples  
the Cave
your favourite Kopi Oh , and more , Cineleisure , beside the Curve

the early bird pacesetter , Little Penang of the Curve
not so little anymore

the Jombali guy , with 6 outlets to his name,
 this one in Tesco, Damansara Perdana PJ
the ancient one , this time not forgetting the Old Taste , SS2

youngish looking Leos Cafe , SS2
the Kopitiam 1950 , SS2 PJ near the Police Station
should be older than the Old Taste
Mums Recipe , near the Police Station ( as safe as can be )

...the Big Batttle begins...


Wennn said…
Ohhhhh M'sia here I come... Hehehehe 2 more days and I will be back there pigging out all those assam laksa, bky, mamak stalls, banana leaf rice.... Hmmm thinking of it also makes my saliva dripping... Yayyyyy!!!!
J2Kfm said…
wah .... all in SS2 ah? soooooo much choices! and I've only tried Murni, KTZ and a few others.
Ciki said…
nothing better than caveman style! haha
wmw said…
Hey, came to my neighbourhood!
Hey there! Check out my website at Come and experience the waves of Penang! Join us for a BBQ buffet at the beach this Christmas with watersports activities included.
HairyBerry said…
the satellite town can never be more sparkling with the tiny dots of neon signs of kopitiams...and the aroma of the tea leaves. the days of candlelights and kerosene lamps are gone...bittersweet tea, we.
Christina Kim said…
Hahaha...a food trip to SS2 ar?
That's a lot, lot of food:)
Anonymous said…
Somebody's straying away from the backstreets, I see. hehe. Have only tried a third of the outlets, and the rest....hmmmmm....waiting for your review lor. :-)
ling239 said…
no food at the cave ?

cool fine dining place specially for warm loving Couples...
u sure those loving couples need to cold down ? hahahaaaa.....:p
welcome home babe ( errr you n her n him )!

2 of us stays in SS2 , so we know ( or do we !) LOL !

cumi ciki
we too need cave-women you know , esp one...

we were there n here waiting ... for Jasmine

no more the satelite town now the quite big city

we meet friday ok for more food !

we wait for your big dlsr, we really want that we saw, seen and want more...he says must happen maybe this Friday

just in case, you know how some ppl cannot control one
LOL !hahahaha
choi yen said…
I've tried the otak-orak @ Little Penang, tasted terrible!!
Unknown said…
will get lost in the cave or not ah?

got booby traps like in tv shows? hehe...
tigerfish said…
*Praying* to eat all the food featured here....

Hands holding container of joss-sticks(errr.....sorry, chopsticks)....wishing for the stick with "FREE YUMMY MEALS for LIFE" to drop out of the container ah! (refer to 3rd pix collage) :P
the picture of the "shit' said it all

we were told RM3 million was thrown into the hole , for couples to escape the busy traffic and the eyes.we din know whether anyone met Batman or not but no there are no traps just hold onto your wallets tight

we shall wait for you , make it quick then we get the stick for life