we love long, slim & beautiful fingers

Some people call them okra.

Tho you see them mostly down , on their own they stand really upright. As if to tell you something.

Much loved by the Indians and the Nyonyas

We love them steamed. Uncut, whole and lying down


Sharon Y. said…
The 1st pic scared me a bit ;D I love them in kari ikan!
Anonymous said…
Err, which lady's fingers are we supposed to munch on? Nanti salah, orang marah... :P
J2Kfm said…
erm, a naughty notion hidden behind the words?

or you guys just love to 'play' with your food? ;)
Hazza said…
I think it has too much slime to eat with little flavouring. I prefer with sambal or curry.
Michelle said…
somehow reminds me of manicures.. hahaha yup.. me like it in wHOle and lying down too~

Hey we hav so much in common!!
Ciki said…
ladies fingers eaten with ladies fingers.. how lady-like.. :P
no stroking and playing with your food?
tigerfish said…
It makes me think thrice the next time I have okra! I like the SPICY ones....hee hee!
ling239 said…
i like the perfect manicure ~ ^_^
especially if got curving nails of 10 colors !

surely some will be thrilled beyond toes

we are visually excited with good looks and then tastes , more important to us is feel( inside the head) and we try to enjoy that mostly in an easy setting which sometimes border on soft porn with clothes on

sambal or curried is the norm for this and most ppl we know take them with no xtasy at all !infact they even can't remember

yeah , like the first time we met ,
simply invigorating like we always dreamt of

actually why did they call 'em that ? as different as green and

we love greens with ooze , a kind of sensory perception of a distant one we had in mind

the round white balls inside her is really soft and hard and one of a kind, agree ?

when steamed they are lovely wet & green with exquisite sensations, tearing at the edges of oue lips
Unknown said…
the first picture too pink! reminds me of kenny's pink flamingos. haha..

i love them on nyonya fish. or stir fried with lots of sambal. delicious!!
Tummythoz said…
Nice short sexy post.
haha pink ah ? maybe red would be good !