this is the best roti canai in Kelang Valley

Finally ...we can say it

We first tried this roti canai in Taman Sri Muda , Shah Alam some years back. Even then we thought it tasted different. Then we saw the brochure that the dough was prepared from a factory for delivery to its chain of 24 hr shops.

It was nice when they were at Kota Kemuning ( Shah Alam , Selangor ) for a while then closed , then reopened at the commercial centre at the first roundabout. Just like how they opened and closed at USJ Taipan ( beside Coffee Bean ) , Subang Jaya.

This a few years old one in USJ Subang is still alive and kicking !
Spacious corner lot with the shining tables and chairs.
( must be easy to clean , so many of them )

USJ 16 ( or issit 17 or issit 18 thats USJ for you)

the quality is delightfully unchanged as we remember it in
Sri Muda & Bukit Tinggi Klang , scoring exceptionally high in
texture, freshness , looks & that taste

Sri Melur Jaya . Now with 18 outlets in Klang, Shah Alam and parts of USJ.

Watch it Mr Kayu , here he comes shooting coz he's really good


J2Kfm said…
the BEST in Klang Valley? that has to stand for something!
definitely warrants a hunt eh?? havent had roti canai for eons!
HairyBerry said…
yes, 'that' taste is sometime so subtle that one has to try at least a few times to know that, 'that is it' how we discover the aroma of banana leaf after newspaper was used.
Ciki said…
wow.. the best huh?! that roti in the photo looks really light and fluffy and crunchy! i want!
Anonymous said…
Wah... liddat, die die must try...
wmw said…
I like going to Raju's...albeit pricier but like sitting under the trees and having extra leaves drop onto my roti canai served on a banana leave. hahaha...
our criteria
looks-fresh and slightly burnt & slightly oily & fluffy not easily breakable
feel -but tears easily (??), slightly crispy
taste - right balance , not tasting flour unbaked , nor overburnt nor oversalty or oversweet
curry gravy- many choices and classical Indian taste

definitely one of the top to be xperienced

while taste is subjective , this one is 95% consistent

highly recommended , even if its our first date with you...

if not , you are incomplete

aha you must be talking about
...De Ambience...
Rajus is to us same category as Kayu and some other popular mamak shops.
Decent but not particularly outstanding