that Subang Terminal 3 guy

He started off years ago at this then bustling place full of fancy Chinese seafood restaurants , right beside the Subang Airport.

Our unassuming friend is one of those no fuss just do it ! kind of entrepreneur and "learn myself one " cook , of all things becoming famous for his clear lala ( clams ) in savoury soup at his wooden but very airy shack .

Then one hazy day those Big Gomen people decided to relocate The Airport to the now notorious 60 km away Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA) sometime in 1998 , which started a Mega Doom for the Terminal as a seafood paradise for the nearby hungry PJ & Subang Jaya gluttons.
Xcept this fler, still standing lala-ish as ever.

He got it right by making some items halal , and then the run down wooden rickety place ultra casual.

It is still pretty crowded and popular with Malay customers & Europeans ( with their mandatory Carlsbergs/Tigers in green iced buckets ).

Everything fine except on that hot dusty day in August 2008 , we couldn't enjoy the great taste as we used to , on some of our favourite dishes.

Did you know food ( above pixs) can be overflavored ( over assamed over sambaled ) ?
...and the opened individual lala can reveal tiny shelly crabs within its 2 clams ?

It happens , sometimes...even to the best of us

Lala Chong
Subang Terminal 3
Subang Airport
Contact : Tel 03 7859 1906
Business Hours
11am to 3pm (lunch—except Sunday)
5pm to midnight (dinner)


Anonymous said…
"Over-sambal-ed"? Oh, that got me laughing so hard... *tears from laughing*
J2Kfm said…
La La Chong got how many outlets eh? seems they're everywhere?
Unknown said…
oh.. over sambaled and over assamed can be nice at times.

as long not over-MSG-ed.
HairyBerry said…
like the once busy coloseum that turned into a multi million tourist lepaking place, lala has attracted it's share of foodrist after the planes flew further. too bad got no postcard.
Ciki said…
lala chong! that's our next stop:D
Precious Pea said… went to Lala CHong recently too? My new found food paradise. CHeap and nice!
Anonymous said…
oh yes, it brings to memory of how little crabbies gets into lala ~ like treasures found in the hunt.
wmw said…
Guys! Looks like you can stop asking us where is Lala Chong since you have found it! Hahaha...
life 4 B
We thought you kena-ed the chillis in your eyes ...Goodness !

actually , only 2 that we know of.
One here and the 2nd one hidden somewhere near in Ara Damansara

kinda reminds us of that heavy lady with too much lipstick on her swollen lips

this place has the advantage of low operating costs with authentic wooden shacks, shud do fine

We'll see ya there !
back row dun forgit

they were there more than 10 yrs ago, like 15

right, tho some would say one tiny bonus too many !

tenkiu, but where ah the rest ?