probably the best selling nasi lemak in KL

...and the ugliest

here near the Peace Hill ( Bukit Aman ) Kuala Lumpur adjacent to the Lake Gardens , you will see people lining up to pay their bills.

Actually most of them eager beavers are here answering a certain craving to eat rice sprayed with hot sauces plus maybe 2 or 3 spicy meats and fishes to go along , mostly fried or curried which are put in 13 rectangular aluminium trays like a typhoon relief centre , manned by 4 to 5 able helpers from right to left .

The line is usually quite straight and seems to be perpetual from 7 in the mornings.

This messy thing with a tiny beef slice assembled within 20 secs costs RM 2.80 , was paid to the very undersized girl ( with the quite well endowed body ) at the far left. It took another 180 secs to wipe it clean, ugly or not.

Nasi Lemak Tanglin
Jln Tanglin, Lake Gardens KL
( near Bukit Aman )
Kuala Lumpur

note : being a record setting shop , we have intentionally posted the pixs above with the maximum pixels for your closest scrutiny. Pls click to magnify TQ


Anonymous said…
This is one of my favourite nasi lemak places too. I love sitting outside under the trees early in the morning. When hubby and I go there, it means waking up at 6am on a saturday morning. But it's worth the effort!
J2Kfm said…
aiks. such small serving eh?

but I'm sure the throngs of ppl proves the popularity and deliciousness of the sinful rice.

be sure to jot this down.
Anonymous said…
Hmm... heard of this too, but I'd stick to my Village Park nasi lemak... :D
NyonyaChef said…
I heard so much of this outlet,.. but never been. They say it's the best Nasi Lemak in town...hungry already
Sharon Y. said…
Ahh I couldn't find it the last time I was at Lake Garden. Is it near to the Bird Park?
Ciki said…
wa... cannot tahan la.. got to "Q" so long one...
Ciki said…
oops ! sorry.. i see the lining up is for bills .. not nasi lemak.. haha
This is a comfortable place with a giant free parking lot to have NL being extra spacious inside outside with newspapers shops and other stalls to make it complete. maybe thats why its selling well then sommore got many lovers and joggers plus suspicious & loaded characters not wanting to be seen elsewhere strutting out from the Peace Hill after da deals

if we can say so , the NL here doesn't have the style

Village park has a more charming look , with the right colors including the boss's fair wife

the best is in NL RA ( Jln Abdullah )near Kg Baru, which has better presentation and more relaxed DIY than the 'quickly lah ppl are waiting' kind of prelleasure here in Tanglin

the best way to come here is via Jln Parliament turning left into Lake Gardens. Then watch out for Jln Tanglin where you will then pass by notorious Bukit Aman. Go slow then turn into Jln Cendarawasih until you see a big car park to your right. The bird park is deeper into the lake gardens

cumi ciki
we Q together then it shall be bliss as long as it takes , preferably longer
ling239 said…
so i heard...
but no thank you, so early and the queue so long >.<"