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a letter to Malaysiakini ( Malaysia's Online paper )

a reader Ong K M , writes on 5th Aug 2008,

Ban students from Mamak Stalls and Cinemas

" ...blah blah blah... I propose that

(i) The esteemed ( Higher Education ) Minister considers banning students from going to mamak stalls and coffee shops. These are places where nonsensical and unproductive coffee shop 'chatter' takes place, involving the topics of political interest of the day.

Since we do not want our best and brightest to corrupt their ears and to waste their time by listening to this nonsense.

(ii) ban students from watching football matches . Watching football matches, which lasts for approximately one hour 45 minutes (including the break), is an extremely unproductive use of time.

Our students could use this time more productively, in discussing the latest developments in biotechnology and nanotechnology and in collaborations to build Proton a new hybrid engine.

(iii) ban students from watching movies in the cinemas which is another big waste of time, time that could be better spent on academic pursuits and developing one's own human capital.

In addition, many movies produced in the West promote decadent values not consistent with our Asian culture. For example, we would not want our students to be unduly influenced by the portrayal of vigilante justice and 'cool' criminals in the latest Batman movie.

However, again, exceptions should be made for movies produced locally since we are supporting local industry by watching these movies.

(iv) ...blah blah blah...

(v) all students in public universities must carry at least one book where ever they go on and off campus so that students do not waste previous time while waiting for buses or sitting in their friend's cars or waiting in a queue or even sitting in the John/Jane , time that could be spent reading and developing their human capital.

blah blah blah...

(vi) blah blah blah...

...sommore blah blah blah...

I sincerely hope that the esteemed Minister considers at least some of my recommendations made above and implement them as soon as possible."

ok lah , wait

lets see how they will sodomise Anwar today at 10 am 7 Aug 2008


Ciki said…
tragic state of affairs, our politics.. don't know where to hang our heads:(
Pete said…
Ha Hah, if ban students from hanging around in Mamak stalls, our foreign workers count will reduce,just like what the govt want! LOL
cumi ciki
we have a looming disaster on a ritcher scale above 10
hold on tight babe

welcome to BSG ! we see you are a great food fan too !
ban student at mamak shops then you will find them all of them lepaking & sodomising in Jln Alor beside the drains.
HairyBerry said…
havent been catching up on the news lately.

gosh, this is some news indeed. will teh tarik be the next jack daniels? better stock up now...sigh...