the night life

and Char Kuey Teow

Happy Merdeka Day to all Malaysian Gluttons !

picture shows Malaysia's best known multi-racial noodle dish( CKT) ,
the real Bangsa Malaysia
( Chinese flat noodles Malay style served by an Indian )

at a food court with English signboards near you


J2Kfm said…
so ... wet. =)
gimme Chinese (or bttr yet, PENANG style) CKT anyday!
worldwindows said…
What a beautiful mess! An oxymoron. Unity in diversity.
Anonymous said…
Selamat Merdeka to you too! Let's eat Nasi Lemak / Char Kway Teow / Roti Canai... :D
generally Malay styled CKT is xtra wet with browny spicy overprawnysaucy gravy ( ala mee rebus/java/bandung) , and has no fiery "aroma , wok hei" like the Pg style CKT , but you can sometimes find one or 2 great ones less dry as for eg in Bistro Waterfront Lumut ( at night). the prawnny taste tho can be a turnoff for some

oxymorons we have plenty in the present Malaysian Cabinet, one of which was that previous defacto law minister Nazri and the other, current foreign minister Hamid. Many say we shudn't have become independent on hindsight , then we can enjoy pork chops in the roti canai shop with Muslim waitresses !
all over some sips of extra dry Alpine wines
life for beginners
happy holiday !
your next poetic reminises shud be on the mis-culminations of true colors n the perception of untrue flavors in our land under the clouddy sun
Ciki said…
happie merdeka:D
Unknown said…
Happy Merdeka to u all too... There is another best Malay Char Koay Teow at Bukit Mertajam, opposite the post office which is my all time favorite!
ling239 said…
a multi-races CKT....
cumi ciki
happy eating more

kenny ng
ya , bkt mertajam has some great dishes ( like the teo chew steamed pomfret ), this bm ckt was featured by a blogger once

did you know Malay Cuisine has fused many Chinese/other cooking styles dishes to become their staple ? eg yong tau foo, fried rice/mee, , roti canai & now CKT. sometimes their version is even better ( like the roti canai in East Coast)
HairyBerry said…
truly asia dish, this. we should all learn a thing or two about harmonious dishes. they are yummy!
tigerfish said…
CKT is wet one? HUH?
Anonymous said…
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