He's back !

de Epic Battle draws to an end
a tale of 2 non-vegetarians

1. the " I swear I dunno her " cool casanova

2. the new Member of Parliamant (PP) @2pm

its all over...a majority of >15,671 votes(updated 10.00 pm) !
cineleisure Permatang Pauh , Penang
26 Aug 2008

...and now for Part 2...
16Sept2008 , see ya


HairyBerry said…
like a spice-filled rendang, it travells across the causeway and we are talking about it, at lunch. but no rendang. fish head noodles.
Anonymous said…
Thriller movie.....only to those who can bear it.
ling239 said…
PG ppl are so lucky to have an off day ~ ^_^
J2Kfm said…
as ... expected. let's see how Malaysia shapes up come 16 Sept 2008.

the ending was sweet n short.

tks for dropping by !

now PP is world famous for soto mee

Malaysia needs all the help of deviants other than the straight corrupts