a Malaysian chicken story

...the 2nd impression

Since June 2000, "The Chicken Rice Shop" halal chain of chicken rice family restaurants serving "grandmother's traditional Hainanese secret recipe chicken rice" and a special selection of local Malaysian delicacies has spread its wings far n wide across Malaysia.

...here in their packed Subang Parade (PJ) outlet one August Sunday afternoon, a quickie of their popular single combo set of streamed white chickens , fragrant oiled (yellowish) rice , boiled beansprouts , 2 mini pai tee ( a kind of pretty nyonya influenced vegetable roll ) , a soft drink , complete with jelly dessert and the usual soup and chilli/ginger sauces for RM13.99
has re-aligned our previously poor first impressions of their shop in Giant Hypermarket, Shah Alam.

This second time , every item seemed fresh and the tender white chicken meat delivered as close as what was promised, right down to the all-important looks...n feel

Wait for our review of their other Malaysian Favourites ( esp their eye popping curry mee offering at RM9.99 )

NB : as is usual with this kind of all day aromatic lingering heavily Chinese soya sauced chickens n beansprouts , always visit the washroom after the feast to properly unsauce your salty lips n collar


Anonymous said…
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chicken rice shop is just offering so so chicken rice only !! can recommend you instead of eating at suband parade , you should go ss15 there find other nice food !! there is a Ipoh Rice Shop there , quite famous and very tasty !!

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Michelle said…
chicken rice shop not nice.
very very thirsty after eating..
salty salty salty...
not worth the price anyway.
shabby stalls chicken rice even nicer. =P
tigerfish said…
Chicken rice- I need 3 sauces in my chicken rice - grated ginger, black sauce("see yau") and chili sauce!
And I can eat the chicken rice 's rice (without the chicken) with the sauces only!
Unknown said…
do they use kampung chicken?
Hazza said…
I have walked past their branches before but not tempted to walk in. Luckily, I have access to many local chicken rice stalls in coffee shops whenever i visit malaysia.
choi yen said…
I prefer those chicken rice in kopitiam, hehe ^.^
sc said…
hmmm, i've only tried it once years back and it was not very nice. so i never returned since then..
anon ( bestfoodjunction)
tks for info and SS15, which we are also familiar . we shall check it out yr site soon !

of course you are right about shabby stalls, they are the classic backstreets and side lanes ! tho occassionally we walk to malls to recalibrate and check out some cool hip ladies. Our best Chinese chicken rice shop is still in that SS4 ( opposite Tmn Mayang, PJ)corner lot ( Bentong style)n a few great ones in Ipoh

so does that make you a glutton , too? LOL !

we do not think so( anybody aware ?) , kpg chickens in big shops is a rarity and probably not popular in KL for its toughness n skinniness( n "city" price )

yes , we have plenty of small Chinese chicken rice shops here n there tho the Chicken Rice Shop is the biggest & most modern( assembler ) chain, and then very popular with many Malay customers( something which astute non-Malay businessmen are noticing n targetting of late n scrambling for a piece of the yet untapped cake)

chicken to chicken the Chicken Rice shop is average among real unhalal Chinese chicken rice ( the real thing) operators

the Shah Alam Giant outlet was deficient in all depts, so much so for consistency ( biggest problem with chains ). you will need to retry ( n refresh )
Unknown said…
yesterday while walking around in Singapura, i saw this same franchise in here.

no, i din walk in to try. LOL...
HairyBerry said…
yeah, yeah, keropokman! i think i saw a chicken rice shop in singapore as well...vivo city, i think...forget d...hehehe
Unknown said…
yes, it was vivo city branch i saw yesterday.
tks for the info, now we know the Malaysian chick has gone south !

yes vivo here she comes...
We think spore men loves Malaysian chicks as being more forgiving , huh ?
Anonymous said…
Good for people to know.
tks for visiting !