the makeover of Ah Cheng

She was the deep favorite of one of us , when he will quietly sneak out , off the phone and claimed he was busy. That was some years back when things moved fast in the backstreets and she just came on , more active and having that smile. The rest of the pack understood and din make no fuss about what might or could have been.

Then she broke away and slid into the struggling Summit USJ, earning herself a self-proclaimed controversial " best assam laksa" in Subang ( no she din say Batam )
The brightest lights in the Damansara Perdana, PJ area where IKEA & Tesco roost unchallenged gave a humongous shattering jolt to closest neighbor hotshot 1 Utama , followed by a massive dose of double Cs of Curve & Cineleisure , transforming the once unknown orang asli boondocks into now PJ's premier state-of-the-eat Gluttons Zone.

Now comes fiesty Ah Cheng again , fresh & fully transformed, reclassed and ready to play affectionately d e e p once more , this time inside fantasy world Cineleisure.

Xperience her fire burning 3 in 1 lust-uous mouth hugging Dark Secrets above for only RM13 , believe it or not , ( careful dear...not suitable for the underaged )


Anonymous said…
Her 3 in 1 lust-uous mouth? Aiyo, forget about underaged; I'm not sure if this is even suitable for me! :P
J2Kfm said…
RM13?!!! *_*

why must the prices be exorbitant? first nasi lemak, now this.

din realise Cineleisure has any nice restaurant. will check this place out.
Ciki said…
fire hugging, lust-uous, mouth hugging.. ru talkin bout food or something else!?!
Sharon Y. said…
RM13 for that 3 fiery dishes? Anything lustuous.. I'm in!
worldwindows said…
I am bringing my wife to avoid trouble. Anyway its her favorite.
but, you are not underaged !
You will enjoy her immensely and then crave 4evermore !

cineleisure ground floor has many new cafes

we were tinkin' of errr..
oh lots of nice exstatic things

OK , see you there !

world windows
thats the thingy bout wives
( so called un-status quo thereafter )
GFs are fine as they always are
choi yen said…
Heard that 1 of the boss is local singer~~
ling239 said…
had bad experience here once...
the assam laksa tasted very fishy >.<"
is that correct !

the trouble with assam laksa is precisely that !
Anonymous said…
the laksa is mouth-watering XD XD
tks for visiting !