lazy lunch in Seremban

actually it was at this up-market squatter-styled cowboy town place in PJ ( opposite Tropicana Golf & Country Resort ) (the other side of section 4 , PJ)
a great many big and small restaurants scattered about in this
nonsensically challenged crazily named totally misunderstood
road signage lost zone of PJ.

and so was the nonsensically famed Hakka Mee grazed by some loose siew yoke ( bbq meat).

Since it was a late Saturday past 2pm the soggy
famous Seremban ( a town near port dickson ) favorites

can be famously forgiven as ( OMG ! ) at least 20 people were turned away
that hazy afternoon

Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
de lost zone , PJ

try them yourself if you are famously lost


Ciki said…
so.. was the food good or not?!
Anonymous said…
Standard jatuh?
Anonymous said…
U didn't like it, huh? I hear there's another one even better than FSF. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Could it be the hazy weather that affected their food quality so? :P
ling239 said…
kena tipu d...>.<"
i tot u really went all the way to Seremban :p
i got lost too..n worse still..didnt find it!
HairyBerry said…
i had the char siew and hakka mee before. simple and tasty. but now, i am intrigued by lemongrass' "there's another one even better than FSF."

could it be?
choi yen said…
Heard that their char siu is good wor~~
fatboybakes said…
you mean standard jatuh ah? how sad!!! i loved it when i went a few months back. been meaning to go again.
No no dearest , it wasnt. It was lame as a lame duck

in fact we have tried this place twice. long ago when it first opened we thought got some beef noodles. Not impressed then, then the rav started ! could be we were too late that Sat

pls let us know kwik

no it was kinda late

if only we can tipu you ! We would

its a mad place , the unthinkable chinaman glutton corner

that shud be interesting ! but the trouble with restaurant reviews is just that, timing . then also the haze and sometimes the period and so on

yes ! that was the speciality but we shall see again soon

it was only our not-so-tuned porky opinion at that late hour! we wait for craver Joe's final take ...