the king & the clown

outchipped , outfished and out everything

the lonely King at the Peak ( First World , Genting Highlands )
the ever laughing clown on the ground , at a place near you

the international mcGuru of *QSCV and the only real King of convenience food.

Unmatched french fries and burgers, ++



Ciki said…
burger king is king! lol..
Anonymous said…
I thought it looked familiar... then scrolled down to the middle and confirmed it: This the one @ Genting! :)
J2Kfm said…
yup, whenever I'm in genting, I go for the King, rather than the Clown. quite affordable, Genting-wise.
k.t.x said…
u write about dogfood too? lol. kidding.
cumi ciki
We actually like that one in KLCC opposite KFC, it has a certain Kingsly class

it was deserted when we were there few days ago

the good thing is when you are down , it can only go up !

what a dogged food, to become the king of global marketing !
Michelle said…
go try new brands entering msia,
wendy's and carls.
hugs burger boys... very backstreet huh? hahaha
HairyBerry said…
replace the king's supa dupa wupa dressing with ronald's sour cream+gherkins and it'll be revolutionary. or reformationary???
ling239 said…
King or no King
McD rules !!! hahahaaaa.....
Anonymous said…
the king is loosing his royalty d~~

nowadays i need to buy 2 burgers in the king's in order to fill my belly =__________=

where did the nice o king went?
ok dearest , this coming sept get ready

Mcronald is the king

they are the epitome of the finest yet simplest

we can only think of their slower than normal waitresses
Unknown said…
king's burger is nicer
clown's fries is nicer

can't have best of both worlds?
unless you are in First World.