the Hut of (confusing) innovations

We love the part where bungling assistant Peter Parker tried his utmost to deliver Big Pizzas downtown at the speed of Spider... only to be cornered by the extremely bored & unforgiving office girl, that also inspite of Spiderman saving the Big Pizzas from the hands & mouth of that scrawny hungry man on top of the skyscrapper !

Blockbuster Spiderman 2 was a real Classic & a great tribute to the
Italian flat bread
in the square box.

Here in little Malaysia , popular fast food chain Pizza Hut , unlike Mcdonald and KFC , have a really Big Menu ( King Sized ) , and they are different alright.

Did you know they have

a weekday 15 minutes Fast Lunch ( or RM 5 off default reward) ,
online payment & home delivery ,
fresh DIY salad counter,
a state-of-the-Pizza mobile heater box ,

plus a range of Italiano-Thai-Malaysian combos withh round and not so round,
colorful small medium big ...
...Xtra Big pizzas
and this and that ....
...guaranteed to confuse you no end ?

but their frustrating Menu is actually loads of distracting fun , and oh we love their gorgeously simple garlic bread and their tasty Hawaian Chicken Pizza,

... as does delicious Mary Jane


J2Kfm said…
been some time since I last visited Pizza Hut, probably since I started blogging.
memories of schooling days, when celebration of anything and everything at Pizza Hut spelled FUN!!!

somehow now, the pizzas seem lacklustre,with so many diff variations (stuffed crust, cheesy crust, etc) ...
Anonymous said…
hated their pizza so much..the stale base and minimal toppings and bad services..
Ciki said…
i use to prefer dominos ... but now piza hut has overtaken it bcoz dominos just FRIES up the cheeze til it's too rubbery.. that i hate! piza hut gives loadsa LIAO with the piza. that i like! lol...
ling239 said…
i usually go for their supreme seafood.... or is it seafood supreme XD
choi yen said…
Long time didnt step into Pizza Hut liao~~
HairyBerry said…
the first cut is the deepest and most tastiest like when the first time we touch and taste a pizza, moreover the first hawaiian chicken pizza from that hut. first is beautiful. and unforgettable. definitely! oh, and her gorgeous garlic bread as well.
Unknown said…
it's been so so so long since i stepped into pizza hut!
Michelle said…
i just had pizza yesterday!!!
Truly authentic hawaiian pizza ya..
i love their crunchy crust with lotsa topping. Yumm!!!

Pan too much flour sometimes... thick n too chewy.. blehh.. never like their new taste or those additional sides... but their deli wings not tat bad.. hehee
probably in these difficult times they are trying their best to come up with new complicated menus to beat the competition. We have problems ordering whenever we are here

true ! service in some outlets is atrocious where we had to signal multiple times the lost waitresses ( of a certain kind of slow moving ppl)in the far corners to come

dominos are to us not real pizzas more like roadside stalls selling a kind of expensive bread

no wonder you can't remember !

what with Carl's junior and so many other spoilt for choices cafes , yes Pizza Hut is dominated by mostly Malay customers

being pioneers then really helped, with the classic western fast food ambience. service tho has plunged drastically with slow and dreamy( not about us ) waitresses

they are actually for grown up kids

the air conds work, the place is clean , the toilets got water , chairs are solid , the waitresses look clean . sometimes noisy wailing pampered kids get on your nerves. Food is good at the right outlet. Service is generally slow ( at most outlets).Menu is too big. But its great you love it. Wait for us !
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you! Cut out all the new-fangled crap and just give me the simplest garlic bread and my favourite Hawaian Chicken Pizza! :D
tigerfish said…
So, can Spiderman swing and deliver the pizza? LOL!
Anonymous said…
the last time i went to pizza hut, they forgot my pizza after 20 minutes of waits!! \(O o O)/


beware!! and remember to time ur order strictly for 15 minutes and demand them for discounts!! XD
right on !

only for you , can

thats the way, go after them