the healthy lifestyle

Dance with think-alike friends in the morning in the basketball court, SS 4 , PJ 7am

to the loud bouncing beats of Elvis and Sammy Davies jr

then go for a no-egg 1 prawn plate of average tasting CKT for RM3.50,
actually it is the smallest plate in Petaling Jaya (maybe Malaysia)
(an all time PJ record up to @ 21aug2008)

SS 5 PJ , near the Wisma FAM

try it soon , you will not gain excess weight...for once


Unknown said…
ooo. inflation!
no egg, 3.50 and so small.

i see not only Spore up size their price and downsize their portion. it's becoming a global phenomenon.
J2Kfm said…
eh, Ipoh's Kam Chau Fan (Golden CKT) is a viable contender la!
ling239 said…
at one glance i tot u had ecomony koay teow, those u get for bfast at some stores....>.<"
Anonymous said…
Malaysia's on its way to a healthier lifestyle from the looks of it?
sc said…
hahaha.. you are right, that's the smallest plate of CKT i've ever seen too! and no egg? *shakes head*
Anonymous said…
Such a SMALL plate wor... no, thanks! I prefer the UnHealthy BUT Tasty Lifestyle! LOL
Let me have the honour to serve you some good food :)
HairyBerry said…
it's either the 'tikus' ate half the plate already or malaysia's fuel is now sitting side-by-side with singapore's.

or maybe we are getting healthier? *munching pork lard from hokkien mee before extinct*
cheaper to maintain slim ladies huh ?

bet you 1 plate PJ one tinier !

it was a grown up midget plate

certainly , the way they shake up to the wonderful slim sounds of music , all of 7 in the mornings

the nerve of that lady frier

means you shud pop in 4 at 1 go

mum's restautant
tks for dropping by and yes , we look forward to that !

heard petrol will drop price tomorrow by 22 sens so maybe it will grow fatter again ( I mean FAT hopes )
k.t.x said…
so very much like those siow loong luis exercising in the great tiananmen square to the propaganda music of out great comrade country. lol.
k.t.x said…
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incredible these old women can still shake like tomorrow never comes
Anonymous said…
gosh! the tauge is as FAT as my fingers!! \(O o O)/

too bad i dont like bean stalk...

where u found all these nice place? XD
actually its very small, optical illusion !