far East Asian artistry

the other miracle

This is where probably many Malaysians first fell in love with Japanese cuisine , at first sight !

Impecccable presentation....simple , stylish... neat n clean.

And constantly moving. The kids will say , its cool baby.

Small and emminently biteable out of the tropics flavors from little colorful plates and bowls.

but where's the spoon ah ?

the unending recirculating banquet , coming straight & returning to you

this marvellous real wrap's gonna unwrap all da other wannabe foldables of KFC/Mcfolds

a bsg greeniest all-time shining pea bite

you can refuse this the gorgeous unagi ornot ?

this one the unforgettable intro to raw fish

the tofffully tasty soup. pls drink straight from bowl

da custardly jelly egg

Priced at least a Kingsly 3.9 times vis a vis the normal comparable Malaysian "substitute" , it rolls on and on , conquering all in the Shopping Malls , dead or alive


J2Kfm said…
the sets are getting more and more pricey, and the quality dropped dramatically over the yrs.
not unlike Secret Recipe, possibly the effect of mass-production, over-rated?
seldom drop over, unless for the
RM2/plate promo once in a blue moon.
Ciki said…
me no like sushi king.. very salty!
Anonymous said…
I can NEVER refuse UNAGI. Ever. :D
choi yen said…
long time didnt step into Sushi King since v have more choices now~~
Wennn said…
Been some time since I visited ur blog... And everytime I come in here , it makes me wanna go bek so badly.. keeping my fingers cross I wud be back soon... Dun wanna miss out the fat boy lok lok... assam laksa...and lots and lots more... Sushi gonna be one of them too... I was having sushi when I met U too... hehhehehe..
its true. In many famous cafe names , their consistency across towns and different localities is a serious problem, unlike the masters Mcdonald/KFC. We especially like the Sushi King in Mid Valley near GSC where the service is quite consistent except one time the teriyaki fish head was half grilled here and there

cumi ciki
then nex time we have beer first or issit later

now they got the promotion for that

they are doing well if crowd is the indicator

we will wait for 1+1+1 to come home
maybe same sushi shop ?
HairyBerry said…
yes, this was where it all started...the wind what got us all hyped up during PMR and SPM. Some, UPSR. dead or alive...errrr, they need a plan.
haha was that where you met her ?
then the new her again ah ?