the delicious 3rd option

...when you have run out of the 1st and 2nd choices...
...dun despair

Malay Lontong . Even the name sounds Chinaman funny. Boiled compressed rice cake cut into pieces in mild spicy gravy with vegetables, and sambal.
This one is from the Dengkil R & R ( KLIA Highway ) RM3

Indian thosai RM1.30 ( Indian restaurant in Telawi Bangsar KL)
A thin foldable soft bread with a sourish taste.
Gravies as in 1st choice roti canai

Chinaman dry noodles with minced fatty meat and da sliced fattier meat
RM4 Sunway Mentari, PJ coffee shop

Lor Mai Kai ( Canto ) . Chinese steamed glutinous rice RM3, Tmn Megah, PJ
in soya ( + secret ?) sauce with mushroom and chicken meat
usually found right in front of some Chinaman coffee shops in
steaming hot multi-deck aluminiun steamers , at the lower decks

All of the above are very delicious when you are very hungry ( like starving )
( just like plain rice/bread )


Sharon Y. said…
All that are also yummy when I'm not hungry.. like the lontong and lor mai kai, they can be my dessert :P
Unknown said…
i tell you, i love them all!
everyone of them is what i like to eat.

the chinaman noodles ranked no. 1!
Anonymous said…
Haven't had Lor Mai Kai in ages.. Now I'm lusting for it.. :d
k.t.x said…
these starchy and dry stuff will clog up yr whole breathing passage unless u drink more water to water it down and melt it away, but by the time it rest on yr stomach lining, it will turn gluey, u can use it to seal up yr postal envelopes before u mail it, or rather if u dont peruse those glue, it will exit the other end. lol.
Ciki said…
lontong is funny sounding you are right.. but YUM tasting! lol
and we thought many din even know they existed !

haha and you have a Malay name !

lusting is the right word for the glue

LOL ! we can depend on you for the internal experience !

strange but I (tonixe) have tasted it only 2x at most !
Unknown said…
is it a Malay name?
Anonymous said…
the lo mai kai in taman megah is so near to my place!!

u have to tell me where!! \(O v O)/
thats right it is

famous Key Hiong